Nick and Gabriel chat about that most exciting of topics, climate change, and how to think about climate science, they attempt to remake the left-right spectrum and they do a quick update on the U.S. election.


  1. Greening of the planet is because of CO2 increase over last 300 yrs. it was 180 parts per million in atmosphere then (150 parts per mil = plant death) & now is around 400ppm. if it is us that has raised CO2 then maybe we have inadvertently saved plants? See Dr Patrick Moore founding member of Greenpeace.

    • I shall endeavor to read that, thank you.

      Gabriel and I disagree quite a lot on climate change, he has more orthodox views and my views are more heretical.

      Our goal with this podcast was to make the case that we need to detoxify the debate on climate change and enviromental policy.


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