Nicholas Lorimer, Gabriel Crouse and Nick Babaya lay out the ominous signs that prescribed assets are upon us as well as discuss the ways South Africa’s big business community is failing to take a stand against bad policy.


  1. Much of your discussion is accurate but I do think you miss the mark when it comes to business.

    How does business realistically oppose ANC policy?
    Think of the cancelled contracts, the attacks from CompComm and DTI, tax audits, limited licenses etc etc etc! Think of the antagonism in deliberations at NEDLAC etc.
    Business is already fighting desperately for its survival and has been doing so for more than two decades. So-called liberal journalists do not help.

    Changing public opinion cannot be the role of business – grass roots communities, IRR, civil society have to lead this charge – if its not too late. The socialists have largely boiled the frog

    • First bank to say screw BEE as they only want the best financial employees looking after your wealth and openly state EWC is deplorable as the legislation of it will mean the death of capitalism and banking…… gets all of my business + same goes for health insurance regarding NHI. Not much, but every step not taken backward is a win at the moment.


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