Nicholas Lorimer speaks to Sara Gon and and first-time guest, the IRR’s new chief of staff, John Endres, about the generally poor state of the MK veterans association and a UN report on the devastation that is predicted to befall the South African tourism sector in the wake of the Covid-19 crisis and lockdown. They also chat about the call from the EFF for the custodial taking of land by the state as well as a threat against South Africa by the Islamic State.


  1. The Western Cape relies heavily on tourism and any adverse effects on it creates a rolling effect on all other industries. So when this regime imposes illogical regulations and restrictions it is devastating to all sectors of the economy. These absurd policies are also being used to strangle the DA into submission. An agenda the ANC has been using for many years.
    Racist outcries by Communist, Marxist groups such as the ANC, EFF and their allies are a serious threat to the country as a whole. The land HAS NEVER belonged to black people. Black tribes invaded Southern Africa killing hundreds of Khoisan people and forcing the remainder to flee to the south and west of South Africa. That makes black people COLONIALISTS. No other people, have committed genocide in Southern Africa as have the Zulu and Matabele where around 2 million black people from other clans and tribes were brutally murdered. Since the arrival of Europeans, there has never been this extent of brutality by white people on black, brown or other white people. The present day attacks on white people by black racists, especially on farms, is inhuman. Most people wouldn’t subject such torture on their enemies. Yet, the mainstream media don’t report these incidents and this so-called “president” denies that these incidents are taking place. DA has also been quiet about this probably due to threats by the ANC. The DA is also falsely reporting the grossly exaggerated Covid-19 cases. Is this also due to pressure by the ANC and WHO?
    The ANC and its allies began studying Communist Marxism in China and the USSR from the 1950’s and probably earlier. That ideology has been carried by them up until today which is why South Africa is NOT a Democracy. They hide behind the label, allow people to vote and then continue to do what they want. Their close relationship with the Chinese is proof enough and the Chinese authoritarian system will, undoubtedly, be imposed on South Africa. The Chinese Communist Party owns all property and leases it to the people for a period of 72 years after which the lessees have first option to repurchase. I’m afraid, that is what will very likely happen here.
    ISIS, Boko Haram and other Islamic radical groups will have a huge problem here. Communists shut down religions quickly, especially Islam, as is witnessed in China where over a million Muslims have been forced into camps to convert to Maoist ideology.

  2. The government does not appear to be too worried about the vast amount of debt caused by the covit scam.For all we know they are in an advanced stage of consultation with the Chinese government to finance them – money that this regime will be unable to repay.The results are endless – like South Africa becoming a province of China.Just imagine how important it is for China to control the sea-routes off our coast.Ramaphosa said on TV that we (excluding me) are about to bring about the new World Order.
    With this bending the knee ritual for “black lives matter” that is spreading like wild fire ANYTHING is possible.Absurdity is the new norm.There are too many people that are either too gullible,naive or part of the plot to save this country
    Hans Kruger


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