The most terrifying speech I have ever heard came from a man of the highest personal integrity. He was incorruptible and selfless. His speech called for decent men to set aside personal wishes and emotions for the higher ideology. To fulfil his higher cause, racial purity, he planned the greatest crime in history. The speech was delivered in Poland on 4 October 1943 by Heinrich Himmler, head of the Nazi SS and second in Germany only to Hitler.

Here it is (six minutes long). But you must listen to him, don’t just read his words: 

In calm, schoolmasterish tones, Himmler asks German officers to set aside their natural qualms, and slaughter all Jews, even if some seemed ‘decent’. The officers were in the Einsatzgruppen (task forces), who moved behind the conquering Nazi armies to kill all Jews and other undesirables. One such officer kept a diary. After a hard day of murder, he wrote how Jewish mothers and fathers were lined up and machine-gunned, while the little Jewish children, whose turn was next, were screaming with terror. One infant girl walked up to him and held up her small hand for him to hold. He did his duty but it upset him. He is just the type Himmler is addressing. Himmler condemns a man who steals a cigarette but praises a man who murders children.

Himmler is perfectly aware he is doing evil. That shows he was not a psychopath. (Hitler probably was not either, though Stalin probably was.) From some ethical hell, he inverts morality and virtue. Surely virtue consists of doing what you don’t want to do for the sake of a higher good? What is the thing on Earth you would most dislike doing? Killing a little child. Very well, kill the child and show your highest virtue.

Victory ahead of ideology

Hitler could have won WW2 if he had put victory ahead of ideology. He couldn’t do so. He was willing to sacrifice his country and himself on the altar of his ideology. When the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union in 1941, some welcomed them as saviours from the oppression of communism and the terror of Stalin. If Hitler had treated them well and used them as allies, he might have conquered the Soviet Union. But this he could not do. He regarded the Slav people as non-Aryan untermenschen, who had to be murdered or enslaved, even if this drove them into Stalin’s arms to defeat him. Towards the end of the war, Hitler increased his chances of complete defeat by diverting vast amounts of manpower and resources away from the fighting and into the extermination of the Jews. He was incorruptible, true to his ideology until the end.

At the end, Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda chief, a faithful husband and father, had the choice of killing his own five children or handing them over to the allies. He chose to kill them, and then killed his wife and himself. Such was his ideological purity.

No such person as Hitler, Himmler or Goebbels has ever arisen in Africa, thank goodness. In our continent, corruption and self-gain always thwarted the extremes of its harmful ideologies, which are usually Marxism and black nationalism. Nazi ideologues would sacrifice their country and themselves on their ideology. African ideologues would sacrifice their country but not themselves. The difference saves us from annihilation but not from disaster. The African politician who says he believes in black affirmative action would sacrifice other people’s children to schools with mostly black affirmative action teachers but never his own children. He believes in state hospitals but would himself go to a private hospital. He would wreck his country’s economy on his ideology but never his own well-being or his family’s well-being. Corruption prevents him from extending his ruinous ideology to himself, and so the very worst is avoided.

Willing to ruin the country

The African National Congress (ANC) is the same. During the struggle, their leaders sacrificed the education of poor black children but sent their own children to private schools in Europe. Under democracy, they condemn poor children to schools dominated by the South African Democratic Teachers’ Union and send their own to Model-C or private schools. They are willing to ruin the country for the sake of their ideology but not themselves. They would sacrifice national prosperity for their National Democratic Revolution. They know state control, affirmative action, BEE, transformation, employment equity, cadre deployment, restrictive labour laws, excessive bureaucracy and an enormous public service are a disaster, but they will persist with them until South Africa becomes a failed state, like Zimbabwe.

The corruption of the ANC prevents the extreme horrors of Nazism and Communism. But it won’t stop ANC ideologues from turning South Africa into a wasteland. As long as the ANC is in power, South Africa is doomed. They must be replaced. By whom? The Economic Freedom Fighters is just a worse variant of the ANC. The Democratic Alliance stands no chance of coming to power unless it is part of a fundamental realignment in our politics – a slim hope.

But that is our only hope.

The views of the writer are not necessarily the views of the Daily Friend or the IRR

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Image by Brigitte Moshammer from Pixabay


  1. My congratulations on a good article, Mr. Kenny. About Heinrich Himmler, a personal account I once read had him on an inspection tour. The guys, SS I think, wanted to show the boss how they did their jobs, so they asked him to sit nicely on a chair while they proceeded to wipe out a lot of people. Apparently Himmler had the guts to tell these men what to do, but when it came to seeing it, he began to cry and scream hysterically until he was taken away. Himmler was a lot of things, but he certainly was not like Reinhard Heydrich. The ANC’s corruption doesn’t “prevent the extreme horrors of nazism and communism” as you put it. Quite the opposite, it is the consequences of that corruption which will eventually lead South Africa down that path because when you add economic collapse (the pension funds ANC want to grab may be big, but they’re not infinite) to communist ideology coupled with racism, that’s a terrible mix. I say this based on personal experience, having lived under communism in Romania, and what I’ve seen communists do, you don’t want to know…

  2. Himmler – man of highest personal integrity? Selfless and incorruptible? Have you read any historical accounts of Himmler?

    The ANC like Nazi SS?

    Come on IRR – or DF writers – are you so desperate to make ideological points of your own?

  3. Eleven physicists and four chemists who had won or would win the Nobel Prize fled Germany shortly after Hitler came to power: Hans Bethe, Felix Bloch, Max Born, Albert Einstein, James Franck, Heinrich Gerhard Kuhn, Peter Debye, Dennis Gabor, Fritz Haber, Gerhard Herzberg, Victor Hess, George de Hevesy, Erwin Schrödinger, Otto Stern, and Eugene Wigner. They were joined by many others, including John von Neumann, Leo Szilard, Edward Teller, Rudolf Peierls, Klaus Fuchs and Enrico Fermi, whose wife was Jewish.

    Many of them, along with other scientists, worked on the Manhattan Project, which developed the atomic bomb; without them it is doubtful that the USA would have developed the bomb before the end of WWII. Had Germany kept them, many speculate that it would have had the bomb ahead of the US.

    There is a lesson in this brain drain for SA and the ANC

    • The answer to your very valid point is found on social media. Good riddance, “we” don’t need/want them & so on,

  4. One of the biggest mysteries of Africa. Why would a ANC politician defend the excellence of state education but send his own children to a model-c or private school? Why would a ANC politician actively promote the NHI in parliament but when he gets sick goes to a private hospital? When the president decides to built himself yet another mansion of R265million, he does so in the most expensive suburb of a DA-run municipality. Not in one of the hundreds of bankrupt cadre-run municipalities. Why? Has anybody ever asked a ANC politician about this anomaly? Do they even notice the discrepency?

    • Of course they notice the discrepancy, but they just call racist those who bring it up and their voters return them to power at the next election while the country circles the drain in a leaky boat with a broken paddle.

  5. Going after the Jews was a mistake, but we have to remember that the Jews in Germany had the monetary power and was disliked for it, very much the same as the supposed white wealth in SA causes friction today. The Jews had a superior attitude towards the average German and very much the same as what they did in SA to the Boer nation in the early years of the 20 th century, selling them life necessities “on the book ” until they were so far indebted that their farms were sold from under them. This might well have been their ways in Germany thereby angering the Arian race.
    If you look at photos of Germany after WW2, bombed into desolation, and then how quickly they rebuilt and the fact that they are one of the economically strongest nations today. You have to admire them as a nation and know that only because of their ideology, Deutschland, Deutschland Über Alls, this was possible. They therefore really believed that only a Germany free of other nationalities would be the best for them.
    I was in training with a bunch of Jew boys (army) and they were on “light duty” just about every day, rather opting for kitchen duty than having to sweat it in the field. But, in Israel, they are fierce fighters as the world saw in 1967 with the 6 day war under Moshe Dayan, where they would have chased the arabs into the sea was it not for big brother USA interfering. Even today they stand up to the greater world fearless in their resolve not to be bullied off their rightful inheritance. Their ideology.
    SA’s problem, from the time the cape of good hope was colonized until today, has been that there was never an ideology strong enough to consolidate its people into a workforce and a fighting force for South Africa our land only. In all the wars fought on SA soil, “hensoppers and drosters” and generals that were too soft on the enemy, had caused the spilling of precious blood, mainly in vain. Today we reap the fruit of our lack of an ideology, such as Himmler had, to clear the country of squandrels that only had and have their own pockets in mind

  6. I have to admit that I do enjoy a good dailyfriend article at least once a week. Including this one of mr Kenny. Firstly as an Afrikaans speaking person and from watching the German language tv channel DW now and then that it was actually a bit disturbing to find, that to me Himmler’s german at the time sounded remarkably similar to some Afrikaans of today and maybe with a bit of a hat tip to the comments of Johan previously?
    Not wanting to get religious but I did leave a similar comment a bit late I suppose at one of Ivo Vegter’s articles Basically why it appears that no one here at DF gives Herman Shaba’s new movement and soon, apparently 29 Aug, new party, a chance or even better have an interview with him?

    • A quick correction, and actually the second time that it has happened that it is Herman Mashaba of course. I also had a look at his wikipedia page and apparently he was a chairman of the Free Market Foundation before running for mayor of Jhb and apparently describes himself as a libertarian. It might be worth noting and only IMHO that South Africa is fairly lucky to have 2 such fairly similar organizations. And only half serious, surely not a possible reason that no one here apparently gives mr Mashaba an apparent chance?

  7. Another great article from Andrew, shining a light on where this ANC is leading us, seemingly like a bunch of lemmings. But also, such a penetratingly insightful slant on why the DA cannot withstand this ANC tsunami in the greater SA. Only in the Western Cape is where they have a chance to return to the rule of law & prosperity, despite the concerted efforts to “reclaim the WC”. That is why it would be foolhardy for the DA to deny the upswell of public opinion in the WC towards Cape Independence. This needs serious discussion & consideration.


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