For the last 30 years the world has been in the grip of a powerful ideology known as man-made climate change. The last few months have seen the explosive growth of another ideology – that all black people are victims of universal white racism.

Known as ‘critical race theory’, this holds that the Western liberal democracies are systemically racist societies whose institutions, designed to perpetuate white supremacy, cannot be reformed and must be destroyed, along with the capitalist system. Promotion of this ideology of the original sin of ‘whiteness’ is the fundamental objective of those masterminding the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement in the US, the UK, and elsewhere.       

The ideologies of man-made climate change and critical race theory have much in common. In the first place, they were started by left-wing activists or academics and intellectuals. Secondly, the remedy for the supposed problem is greater control, including control of both language and thought. Thirdly, both ideologies rely on theories that are contradicted by facts. 

But the main thing they have in common is that they are driven by groupthink, one of the most powerful but dangerous forces in history, which is littered with the harm done by ideologies that have sometimes held whole nations in thrall and caused many of their citizens to abandon reason and simply join the herd. For most people, that is the most comfortable place to be, especially when celebrities are there too.

Sympathetic media

In both cases, widening circles of people are enticed or lassoed into the herd as activists spread the word with the help of sympathetic media. As more and more join the herd, dissenters are excommunicated, bullied into silence, and denied platforms from which to write or speak. If you do not buy into the bogus claim that ‘97%’ of climate scientists are agreed about ‘climate change’, you are branded a ‘denialist’, a term designed to liken people who question a theory to those who seek to deny the historical facts of mass murders in Nazi Germany. If you question the accusation that all whites were born with the original sin of racism, you are yourself a racist. 

Media endorsement and promotion is critical to the purveyance of both ideologies, as is the denial of platforms to dissenters. Large sections of the media bought into the ‘97%’ claim quite some time ago. Now a growing number of media outlets are promoting critical race theory in their reporting of the BLM crusade. And Facebook is being bullied by corporate advertisers and even other news channels into falling in line with left-wing censorship demands.        

The widening circles in both cases spread far beyond the media. They include academics across the spectrum from the humanities and social sciences to the physical sciences. Also included are scientific journals, professional associations, and opinion-leaders in numerous different walks of life, from bishops to sports captains.        

Narrative is clearly working

The promotion of the BLM narrative is clearly working. A recent American opinion survey showed, for example, that support for removing Confederate statues has risen from 35% of voters two years ago to 51%, while the proportion of voters who have a positive view of the BLM movement has grown from 38% to about half.

Yet, as a paper by Gabriel Crouse published last week by the Institute of Race Relations (IRR) showed, there is no evidence of anti-black bias in shootings by American police. Other studies have reached a similar conclusion. Where there is bias is in the massive media coverage when blacks are killed by police, while white fatalities at the hands of the police are played down. Like the climate change ideology, the BLM narrative has little basis in fact.  

Climate change has long been promoted in school curricula. More and more children are likely now to find that the BLM narrative and its accompanying racial ideology are part of their syllabus. More and more universities will join the herd. Earlier this month, for example, several hundred members of the faculty at Princeton wrote that institution’s authorities a long letter demanding, among other things, that admissions be used as a ‘tool of anti-racism’, that anti-racist ‘training’ be implemented on a faculty-wide basis, and that a committee be appointed to ‘investigate and discipline racist behaviour, incidents, research, and publications’.

Buy-in and/or capture

Key to the success of both ideologies is institutional buy-in and/or capture. Numerous international bodies have long since bought in to climate change, along with many governments, the Bank of England, and the European Central Bank. A Democratic victory in the forthcoming American presidential election will probably see the promotion of the BLM narrative become official policy. Business, of course, has long since bought in to climate change and is now starting to do the same with BLM.

A further feature common to both is endorsing the agendas of other crusades in return for their support of yours, so enabling alliances to be built. This has long been a climate change strategy. We now see that BLM in the UK has declared that ‘climate change is racist’. American BLM activists are saying the same. Some want climate ‘denialism’ to be declared a ‘hate crime’.    

It is unlikely that all those now endorsing, and giving money to, the BLM movement also endorse its essentially Marxist, anti-capitalist, and anti-white agenda. Large numbers are likely to have been seduced or misled.

South Africans have no excuse not to be especially wary. Many people have been voting for the African National Congress (ANC) because they have been charmed by its stated commitments to non-racism, freedom, and democracy. It turns out, however, that what they have all along actually been voting for are the South African Communist Party and the ideology of the National Democratic Revolution.

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  1. Good thinking.
    Who cares about facts? That is boring. The problem is, even highly intelligent people do not care about facts. To save their own skin, I suspect.

      • I would suggest that the facts can be found every time one tunes into MSM radio/TV or read MSM newspapers. Nothing like seeing cars and buildings going up in smoke if you are looking for facts.

      • How about reading “ a paper by Gabriel Crouse published last week by the Institute of Race Relations (IRR) showed, there is no evidence of anti-black bias in shootings by American police.”
        The logical fallacy you use is too obvious.

  2. SACP/ANC, always was, gullible persons of colour lead by hard-nosed people with an totally different agenda.

  3. In the US and the world, it is about Minority Lives Matter. There may be some merit in that. At least it is a point worth analysing and discussing. In SA? The conversation should be about the current oppression and discrimination against our minorities of all races and cultures, by a oppressive black authority.

    • Exactly right, and an oppressive Black majority whose main reason for being is to isolate, marginalize and oppress a tiny White minority. This is especially wrong in the light of the fact that the majority party (ANC/SACP) are in control of all of the levers of political and economic power and are vigorously pursuing the Marxist National Democratic Revolution.

    • Basie, I agree that it is more about those that are marginalised for whatever reason. And whether it is institutionalised or that various policies disadvantage some people…

  4. I find it strange equating a scientifically founded observation with a questionable sovial/political theory likr BLM.

  5. Thank you. JKB……the lone Voice of Reason!
    It eloquently poses an unasked question – is there any hope of reversing the madness engulfing us?

  6. A very good and appropriate topic. Yes, BLM and Antifa are not only extreme leftwing groups promoting Communism and Racism, they have become militarized as well and are involved with serious crimes and atrocities against white people worldwide.
    Yesterday I found a post on LinkedIn about this very topic which I reposted on Facebook. BLM and Antifa have now threatened to go into white residential areas all over the US and kill white people living there. The response from other LinkedIn readers was anger and they are now preparing for a civil war. This is very serious since this violence will most certainly spread worldwide.
    Many black people know that these groups have little to no support for black people and are well aware of what they stand for. Black, brown and white people need to stand together and defeat this threat which could very likely end up in an authoritarian dictatorship.

  7. It is ridiculous to compare climate change, which is backed by mountains of scientific evidence, with BLM which is a social/political movement. I agree with the point about the ANCs communist ideologies. Those have never been hidden yet the world and SA voters plough on in the hope that it is just an illusion.

    • @Richard Baker
      Man-made climate change has MOUNTAINS of evidence to back it up? Really?
      May I suggest you watch:

      If you are genuinely interested in bona fide evidence, from some of the world’s leading climatologists, it is an excellent start (there are many others). Ultimately…the “rubber will meet the road” in how you respond to this suggestion. Do you dare to watch this, and entertain the notion that for all of your conviction – and passionate dinner party debates – you may, in fact be wrong?

      Which brings us to Groupthink, and its unfortunate chief characteristic: those who perpetuate it, with the use of unfounded generalisations – “everybody knows” “mountains of evidence” “established fact” – are often the very individuals who consider themselves to be highly enlightened, and thus impervious to such shallow forms of persuasion.

    • Can you blame them, when every single alarm rung by the climate disaster crowd in the last 40 nyearshas failed to materialise in the realworld (No, a big storm is not evidence of climate change). Climate scientists may be hyponotised by a fancy graph on a TV monitor, but instisting that everybody else worships at the same shrine is more wishful thinking. The ordinary man has a built -in BS detector. Academics — not so much.

      • As melodramatic as this may sound…the only way to maintain sanity in the wave of hysteria sweeping the planet…is to become truly discerning thinkers and “commentators”. That means neither blindly rejecting the mass message (to be obstinately counter-culture), nor mocking alt-truth (with cries of tinfoil-hat conspiracy). How much manipulation can the human race endure before we finally stop penduluming between Coke vs. Pepsi, Mac vs. PC, Canon vs. Nikon? Zeal is a wonderful thing. Misguided zeal is a weapon of mass destruction.

        • I just wish more people would “think sideways” before coming out with rigid ideas and poorly tested theories. I also wish that people who use statistics would understand how to use them and educate themselves on the validity of results from assumptions.

  8. And so begins the next holocaust, except instead of it being centered in Berlin, Germany and targeting the Jewish people, this one is global and is targeting white people.
    I just wonder how many of its supporters (perpetrators) will still be hunted and executed 80 years later, like the Israelis are doing with old Nazi’s.
    In Germany (and all other countries taken over by them during WWII), between the years 1932 and 1945, you were summarily sent to a prison camp for re-education (read extermination) if you didn’t shove your fist in the air and shouted ‘Hail Hitler’ every time an SS soldier walked past you in the street.
    Now, nearly 100 years later, we face the same on a global scale, where one is socially ostracized (and probably soon to be arrested) if you don’t shove your fist in the air and shout ‘black lives matter’ every time a non-white person claims they are the victim if racism.
    It is just so much easier blaming someone or something else for your inadequacy instead of taking responsibility for your own destiny. And if you can introduce laws to make them pay for the fact that they didn’t sit in a heap feeling sorry for themselves, so much the better.

  9. The counter to group-think could be tolerance – of individuals, by individuals. Including the willingness of individuals to debate an issue and not attack the personality and messenger of the issue. These are the behaviours which we should be encouraging.

    • Good point Wayne. But then one would have to merely stick to Veriable Fact…which has become increasingly rare, if not extinct, in the Mainstream Media…and almost impossible to unearth on the worldwide web. As we progress towards the tragic climax of Post Modernism, it isn’t surprising at all that we are reaping its inevitable fruit – confusion, obscurity and entropy. So while “tolerance” is certainly preferable to the havoc we are seeing erupt across the US…that word is often the one brandished so fiercely by those with a Molotov Cocktail in their other hand.

  10. The American FBI collects data on the age, gender and race of criminals and their victims, so they have a reasonably accurate picture of who’s doing what to whom. The SAPS does not collect such data. No wonder that bovine excreta stories like Black Lives Matter can be challenged with hard numbers in the US while not much is done about what’s happening in SA unless one is willing to see just how committed to non-racism and non-sexism the ANC is by searching on the internet for the lists of the party’s secretary generals and presidents since its inception- all you’re going to see is an unbroken line of black men running that looting mechanism disguised as a political party over more than a century. Think I’m kidding? Ask uncle Google! The ANC love to say the DA is a party of racists who want to bring back apartheid, blah blah blah, but hardly anybody points out the fact that 26 years after the end of apartheid, racially motivated policies abound, they were put in place and enforced by the ANC, and that racism is NOT a whites only sport. As for climate change, let me tell you two things: first, winter in Romania is not as cold as it used to be when I was a child, because these days one can often get around wearing just a jersey. In my childhood, one wore a thick beanie, scarf, leather gloves, a jacket, three jerseys, two or three pairs of pants and three pairs of socks. Second, there are now yearly reports of tornadoes on the Dobrogea plain, which is where the majority of Romania’s wheat is cultivated. There were no tornadoes anywhere in Europe, never mind in Romania when I was a child, but there they are now, 30 years later. You can’t tell me the climate is NOT changing. Groupthink is extremely dangerous because it is often used for evil purposes, and there are a lot of examples in world history along with the consequences. The problem is that people who possess knowledge and are capable of thought either do nothing or find a way to cooperate in order to look after their own interests while their country or world burns. The numbers I can give in this regard come from personal experience: 95% of people are sheep, 4% are wolves (bad guys) and only 1% are sheepdogs (good guys). In the game of power, the question becomes who is first to control the sheep and whether they can maintain their grip long enough to effect change or oppose what’s happening. Given that doing the right thing is a dangerous and often unprofitable business (how many whistleblowers have been exiled, bankrupted or murdered because they exposed corruption in the government?), the bad guys win more often than not, especially in South Africa.

  11. Thank you for this. I fear though unless the “heretics” make a determined and successful effort to establish new, free from orthodoxy organizations to take on the media and popular culture giants “groupthink” will dominate as official think.

  12. Oh and by the way, many of the weapons supplied to BLM and Antifa are coming from China. China is playing a major role in this fascist uprising.

  13. As defined by Leftists, I am a dyed-in-the-wool ‘climate denier’ and ‘racist’, because I am white, and I THINK FOR MYSELF! There isn’t much of the mainstream media (MSM) left that is relatively unbiased. May I use the IRR’s page to publicise a couple of online sources that I read, to get away from the constant “we’re all gonna die!” themes: (You need to get past their constant harping on Islamic atrocities)
    and a ‘conservative’ aggregator:
    And one of the widest coverage of the non-existent “Catastrophic Anthropomorphic Climate Change”

  14. Roger, do you think that there can be hope. Look at drc independence declared on 30 June 1960. Zim independence declared on 18 April 1980. Both these beautiful countries were prosperous under their previous regimes. In 1972 1 Rhodesian dollar was exchanged for R1.08 Zar. Last week on Bob, you could bid on a ONE HUNDRED TRILLION ZIM DOLLAR NOTE, correct, 100 000 000 000 000. If it were not for the sadness of a beautiful piece of God’s creation destroyed by luciferians, one could have had a giggle at the absurdity of printing such a note. The truth is, as long as lucifer is your master and you serve him and his agendas with your whole being, there will be no turnaround. he has Never put the well being of the human race as a priority, actually, just the opposite is his concern. So Roger be assured there will be no change for the better in SA. Do not let your heart be faint because of that. Turn to God Allmighty and seek your refuge in Him. Fear not the evil of this world that can kill the flesh but do no more harm than that, remember we all have to die. Rather fear Him that can cast your sole into everlasting pain and sorrow, but is also graceful enough to have given His only Son, to pay for our inniquities, if we would only accept this most expensive gift of all times, and declare Him our LORD and saviour, doing the will of His Farther as written in the 10 comandments. For the children of lucifer not one of these comandments are relevant, that is why the world is in the chaose of today. The love of one another, doing unto other as you would like them do unto you and not doing to another that which you do not want done to you, is what the 10 comandments is about. Self-love, arrogance, greed and immorality is satans prioreties, and looking at the world today, even many denominations, maybe the majority, are advocating this as ok. Please Roger, if you have not yet, make the choice to live, not to die, and you will have no fear for today or tomorrow or ever again in the future.Be blessed.

  15. Johan van den Heever, AMEN! With all the life threatening perils around us, one hopes and prays for a revival. Many of the great revivals of the past happened when people faced dark times. May God do this in South Africa also because this is a very dark time in South Africa indeed in many respects.

  16. Hello,
    in my youth I used to be ableto runb around naked without a care . I never felt uncomfortable. Now I am no longer young I go out covered in as many layers of clothing as are compatible with movement.
    Does that prove the climate is changing/ my memory is bad/the world is gertting colder/ the climate is changing/or It’s all the oil companies’ fault?
    Pick any one, write a plackard and hit the streets wearing a funny hat.

  17. Nice thinking to hitch one controversial claim to another, where no such link is necessary to argue for the claim that’s the focus of this article. I’m sure this will do wonders for opening minds not already convinced that BLM’s narrative is bunk, and will not at all reinforce groupthink among your own ideological companions.


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