Nick Lorimer and Sara Gon talk about Zimbabwe’s spat with the Vatican, the ‘normalisation’ between Israel and the UAE and the army ombudsman on the Collins Khosa killing.


  1. One dictatorship criticizing another.
    The Vatican has no place criticizing anyone or anything. The crimes committed by, especially, the Catholic church up to present have been appalling. It represents a religious dictatorship, not unlike Islamic Sharia law, that has no place in any political system.
    From extreme Talmudic law to Sharia law and human rights violations by both, the Middle East remains a vulnerable region where support for any is in itself a violation. Sara Gon claiming anyone being opposed to Israel is anti-Semitic is absurd and ignorant. That is the excuse Israelis use to defend their violations. Does she realise that Arabic people are also Semites? So the same can be said that anyone opposing any Arabic country is also anti-Semitic. Keep in mind how many Jews worldwide are opposed to Israeli violations. The same applies to Muslims worldwide opposed to Saudi violations.


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