Nicholas Lorimer asks John Endres and Sara Gon for their takes on the ongoing scandal involving the ANC’s use of a SANDF plane to visit Zimbabwe, the ongoing fight between Cricket SA and the universe and the ongoing quest for peace in the Middle East.


  1. Racism is promoted by the ANC. They are targeting white businesses and corporations with the racist quota labour laws. BBBEE They expect white businesses to part with 50% of their owneship in favour of a black partner. Quotas in sport, in both instances destroyed sport and the economy. Apart from ANC thieving.

  2. It is clear, looking over the whole African continent, that black people struggle to manage economics. The simple principle; don’t spend more than you earn, is something they don’t seem to comprehend. But we are living under the ANC government, and we will have to teach them proper about economics and building out of a strong economy. It is all of our duty to support the government in managing our finances. If we can succeed in that, SA can prosper again.
    And I beg of you: stay away from racism. It is an ugly devil, just waiting to devour all of us. God made us all – let us respect that.


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