Nicholas Lorimer chats to Michael Morris and Marius Roodt about the name changing debate in SA, the upcoming U.S. presidential debate, and trouble between two former Soviet states.


  1. It’s all part of the ruling ideology’s strategy to completely dismantle the previous ideology’s symbols, icons, beliefs and demoralize it absolutely. In the ANC’s case, it – the ANC – inadvertently illustrates its myopic view and abilities in that it cannot envision growth and new names for new roads and towns but can only aspire to replacement or, as it calls it, transformation.

  2. Name changes are costly and mostly controversial, it is funds wasted in a bankrupt economy.
    These funds could be more wisely spend in communities without water and sewage disposal.
    But being ANC, it is much simpler to change nonsensical names.
    It doesn’t require any planning or special ability which is absent in this govt.
    Tender fraud is far more up their sleeve, the very reason for the state of the economy.
    In my opinion an awful waste of money.

  3. The ANC should only give names of unknown (to most of us) struggle heroes to things like roads, or buildings, or whatever, that they have themselves built. But they have built nothing of note in the 25 years of being in charge, all I observe is massive destruction and neglect of whatever it was that functioned well. We had functional PIC, CEF, railways, Eskom, Rand Water, Umgeni Water, Deeds Office, trusted hospitals, Prasa, Transnet, Telkom, Denel, NECSA, SAA, SAPS, SADF, SARS, SA Post Office, even functional municipalities, 800 of them, and working provinces. What have we got now? New names on streets. Kaders with unearned money. The rest is bankrupt, plundered, broken, kaput. What a performance.


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