US President Donald Trump and his challenger, former Vice-President Joe Biden, appeared in separate town hall events on Thursday where they answered questions from voters.

This was after the second debate between the two men was cancelled following Trump’s refusal to take part in a virtual debate. The organisers of the second debate had wanted a virtual debate after Trump tested positive for Covid-19.

The two debates were broadcast on separate television networks but at the same time of day, creating a dilemma for voters who wanted to weigh up both candidates.

Trump once again gave a defensive performance, at one stage belittling Sandra Guthrie, the moderator at his venue, by saying she was ‘so cute’. He also refused to condemn the QAnon movement, which propagates a bizarre conspiracy theory that there is a powerful global network made up of paedophiles who worship Satan. They believe that Trump is one of the key figures opposing this network.  Trump has said: ‘What I do hear about [QAnon] is that they are very strongly against paedophilia, and I agree with that.’

Conversely Joe Biden gave a more measured performance, but refused to clarify his position on ‘packing’ the US Supreme Court. However, he did say he would make his views clear on the matter before election day, early next month.

Biden currently holds a significant lead over Trump, with the former Vice-President being about nine points ahead of Trump in most polls.


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