Behind the questions loudly asked about the recent incident at Brackenfell High School in Cape Town is a much deeper question, only softly asked – if it is asked at all.

On 17 October, there was a private, unofficial party at a wine farm, attended by 42 of the school’s 254 matriculants and by three teachers. All were white. (Of the total matriculants at the school, 170 were white, 50 coloured and 34 black.) Some black pupils found out about the party, to which they had not been invited, and were upset. The EFF staged raucous protests at the school. White parents opposed them in a show of force. There were violent scuffles, with a big police present. There was uproar in the media about racism.

Minor questions first. Is it wrong for organisers of a private party to invite whomever they want? Or should all private parties fall under the ANC’s Employment Equity Act, where the number of attendees should be forced by law to try to represent the racial proportions of the population at large? If, say, some Soweto school arranged a private, unofficial party at a venue outside the school for some pupils and teachers, would the race inspectors be entitled to do a racial audit of the attendees and charge the organisers if there were not suitable proportions of whites, ‘Africans’, ‘coloureds’ and ‘Indians’? (All terms used by ANC lawmakers.)

Some DA members compared the EFF’s red paramilitary bullyboys with the brown-shirted bullyboys of the Nazi SA (Sturmabteiling) in the 1920s. (Historical note: after the SA had helped Hitler to power, he murdered its leaders and disbanded it.) The comparison was criticised by Jewish groups on the grounds that the Nazi Holocaust was uniquely evil. That was true in 1945, but in the 1920s the Brownshirts were simply a private political army of bigots and bullies causing violent trouble wherever they could – just like the EFF.

The deeper question

Here is the deeper question. Why do so many black parents, including all the black elite, want white teachers for their children? Why are they so horrified at the idea of black teachers? The governor of a Model-C school in the Western Cape told me this. About fifteen years ago, the school had half white pupils and half black, but all the teachers were white. There was a vacancy for a teaching post, and the school authorities asked all the parents if they’d accept a black teacher. All the white parents said yes; all the black parents said no. Cyril Ramaphosa and Julius Malema feel the same as these black parents, and so do most black leaders throughout Sub-Saharan Africa, including Robert Mugabe. They include liberation leaders who shout and scream against colonialism, and then send their sons to Eton.

Most schools in South Africa have mainly black teachers. Why don’t black leaders send their children to these schools? (For that matter, why don’t woke whites, who continually speak about the need for ‘racial redress’, send their children to schools with mainly black affirmative action teachers?) Julius Malema was asked why, since he had said public representatives should use public utilities, he sent his own son to an elitist private school. He replied that the public schools were ‘dysfunctional and poor’. An elitist, he wouldn’t want his son to mix with poor people. But what did he mean by ‘dysfunctional’? It is difficult to avoid the suspicion he might have meant ‘black’. And this, I greatly fear, lies at the heart of the whole racial problem between white and black, a deep feeling of doubt and uncertainty among the black leaders.

There have been many instances where black pupils, deliberately sent by their parents to schools where most of the teachers are white, then complain about their being ‘racist’ and not respecting African culture. Why didn’t they send the children to schools where the teachers are all black, all from African culture?

Vast amounts

It is true that the ANC, despite spending vast amounts of tax-payers’ money on education, has wrecked state education, and surrendered it to SADTU, the black teaching union. This is part of the reason black parents would not send their children to a SADTU school or one where the ANC has allowed its amenities to fall into disrepair.

But I don’t think this is all of the reason they shun black teachers. I think the problem is deeper than that, lying right at the heart of the black African psyche all over the world. I believe I know the reasons why, which have nothing to do with race and everything to do with geography and history. But such reasons may never be discussed openly in South Africa today.

I believe anybody should be free to send their children to any school they want, regardless of the race of the teachers and pupils. I’d just like to know why rich black parents always choose schools with mainly white teachers – in a country where less than 8% of the population is white.

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  1. This is such a nice qualitative research topic. Go and ask 2000 Black parents this single question: ‘Why do you send your children to a racist White school?’ But, but will any SA university allow me to do such a study?

    • I bet because they want the best possible education for their children? (regardless of the color of the teacher). This is really a giant straw man argument. One that tries to setup “good” white teacher against failing, AA black teachers – trading in racial and political stereotypes – so very liberal. (It literally makes an argument that goes against the very notion of non-racialism as punted by the DA / IRR)

      People might have no good local options, school quality is still largely determined by our Apartheid geography and parents don’t intend to send their children to a “racist” school. Why we have failed so much in general to lift up education, especially in black neighborhoods, should be the real question or what we are doing to accommodate as reasonable children in a multi-racial school context.

      Not some problem with the black psyche – really how this stuff gets published on a liberal website? Especially one that spend a lot of time recently bemoaning MM lecturing to whites? (Like I said before on DF – increasingly both sides of our own cultural wars sound, think and act like one another…)

  2. The Black “elite” regard everybody outside their privileged circle to be inferior. Particularly their “our people”. Therefore third rate schooling is good enough for them. The only reason they allow Model C schools to exist is so they can send their own kids to these “white racist” schools.

  3. “White parents opposed them in a show of force. ”
    Saw th video.
    Lets stick to ‘parents’ and dump the identity politics, which causes thes problens in the first place.

    • Agree. At least some parents have the courage to reject terrorism, when their children’s well being were threatened by a terrorist Mob. It is exactly what happened there and what happened in Senekal. Terrorists arrived to disrupt and exploit a situation.

  4. Surely having been a black majority ruled country for 26 years now country’s black elite should by now have been able to afford – judging by wealth-indicating pictures in the media of so many flaunting their riches obtained no doubt legally but also illegally given what we hear from Zondo and State Capture revelations on a daily basis – to establish educational centres of excellence? Such institutions can be run without relying on any other unacceptable culture, unacceptable western education material and any other undesirable western concepts such as ethics, morals, religion etc?

    PS: Do we know how many invitations were actually sent over and above the 42 who accepted?

    • What is it they don’t understand about being invited. Its simply the right to choose associate with whom you want to associate with. Is freedom of association not a choice and a right under the constitution?

  5. Not only white parents meaning it was not racial, it was law abiding against evil hooligans. Malema is a liar and hypocrite using white lawyers, white schools for his kids, buying the most expensive whites can make and manufacture and then boast about it but tells his useful idiots to boycott anything to do with whites.

  6. One of the reasons our beloved black leaders send their little darlings to schools like Roedean, St Johns, St Stithians etc etc with their predominantly well qualified and professional teaching staff is this…..when the little darlings have left the school they can then contact the race desk at News24 and claim they were racially abused and treated with disdain. This serves two useful purposes…it punishes the white teachers (all descendants of rapists and land thieves obviously) who got them through matric and it satisfies the sense of victimhood which has become so much a part of our brave new world.

  7. Minor questions first. Is it wrong for organisers of a private party to invite whomever they want?

    Major answer: No, it is not a minor question. It is a major question. So much so that our much vaunted constitution protects freedom of association. What does this mean? It is an individual’s right to join or leave groups voluntarily. So the answer to the major question is: It is not wrong for organisers of a private party to invite whomever they want, nor is it wrong for individuals to accept or decline such an invitation.

    Good talk. Glad we cleared that up. What about race? Yes. What about race? It is not at issue here. It’s the EFF sticking its red berets in where it does not belong in order to try and convince the slow readers that their 19th century ideology that failed to solve 15th century problems still has relevance in the 21st century.

  8. Julius et al and the EFF often refer to Frans Fanon, a Marxist-Freudian of the 1930-60s, quite possibly a product of the Frankfurt School of Philosophy. If you read the latter’s books, “Wretched of the Earth” among others, you’ll understand what you’re up against. There is no end to their inferiority complex.

  9. it is almost a good essay and I almost shared it. But that you used the term ‘woke whites’ says a lot about how interested you are in a fluid south africa. Thereafter your missive turned into a racist rant.
    You started so well but then you just became what we need to not be: an aging white victim.

  10. The EFF didn’t go to Brackenfell to protest against racism!

    The EFF went there to MILK Brackenfell for FREE PUBLICITY.

    The media are complicit in the violent crime because they always provide the FREE PUBLICITY!

    The media reward the EFF for their violent and disruptive behaviour with free publicity.

    When the media boycot the EFF misbehaviour … it will stop. The EFF act for the cameras.

    The media have been distracted if they probe the school in stead of the nefarious agenda of the EFF.


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