Nicholas Lorimer, Michael Morris and Terence Corrigan, discuss the EFF threat to return to Brackenfell High School to shut everything down, the enormous amount of debt owed to municipalities and if there might be a 2nd lockdown over Christmas.


  1. On what authority do the EFF harass citizens for perceived racism?

    If they harass people on MORAL authority they are MORE IMMORAL than Brackenfell!

    Not a single White face in the ranks of the EFF?

    Why not?

    The EFF has never appointed a FEMALE, COLOURED, ASIAN, or CAUCASIAN as leader.

    Why not?

    Because they are chauvinist RACISTS?

    How can the EFF claim MORAL grounds to harass fellow citizens when they LOOTED the VBS Bank?

    The EFF looted poor BLACK people’ savings from VBS Bank.

    Selective morality in the EFF?

    Or NO MORALITY at all!

    Ask your journalists to expose the bigotry of the EFF … for the world to see!

  2. EFF = Evil FAT Fakes

    Evil … they chant KILL, SHOOT, BURN other people!

    FAT …. Fat cats LOOTERS OF VBS Bank!

    FAKES = commander?, fighters?, morality?

  3. RE: Municipalities owed all this ‘debt’ is an erroneous belief and not factual.

    From my own experience dealing with COJ we have a situation where the recording of metered data, accurate billing and resolving valid billing issues is simply not done correctly or resolved to the end. We are sitting with a corrupt and/or inadequate administration that are simply unable to manage themselves let alone rectifying customer bills/metering etc. (I have personal experience in this area and can prove these statements.)

    For 5 years now i’ve been sitting with a shocking bill of over a R100,000 with the COJ simply because their meter was faulty. They expect payment and this is sitting on their books as ‘arrears’. Despite all the evidence and corrective steps to be taken to resolve they have done ZERO of value!

    So I ask myself how many others have similar issues unresolved and have a account sitting on the COJ books as arrears?

    We can therefore bet that 50% or more of this ‘debt’ is probably incorrect but who has the interest or desire to go through all those bills to actually get to the bottom of it?

    Instead strong arm tactics are used to try and force payment.

  4. RE: A 2nd Lockdown. Is the discussion about economics, morality, science?

    Mhkize “…health officials could still contain the outbreak…” – Since the lockdown the townships have carried on as normal. We have all seen much footage of this and also can attest to the non distanced environment the poorer communities live in UNABLE to distance and not taking measures. We should’ve seen an unprecedented outbreak in all densely populated informal settlements in these communities but we didn’t see a shocking outbreak. An international headline read “Puzzled scientists seek reasons behind Africa’s low fatality rates from pandemic – Reuters” and many others!

    The PCR test we know is not to be used to identify Covid. The maker even said so. It produces false positives and more so when the cycles on the machine is turned up. Those positives are what are coming up in our rising cases.

    Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi –

    Lockdown science from one perspective but there are MANY and you can also spend hours of your own time and actually find the statistics to be valid.

    Why did the UK Government downgrade the virus back in March from the status of High Consequence Infectious Disease (HCID) ?

    I don’t understand where everyone get’s their information but it seems mostly from the Main Stream “acceptable” Media narrative however we can see this has become a polarizing event. The believers and the non believers.

    The non-believers are not conspiracy theorists although this is what the believers think! They are NON believers in lockdowns, and NON believers in the partial pseudo science touted around this pandemic. Some are even NON believers in mask wearing as they have looked into much of the available science & evidence behind this.

    The real conspiracy theorists are the ones who actually haven’t read any scientific papers, WHO standards on masks, economical data, epidemiology, statistics but believe whatever the MSM and politicians keep shunting down their minds. They have bought into the fear because the know of someone who died supposedly from Covid. Not with Covid and not for any other reasoning.

    There are two class action lawsuits being filed to sueing governments over Coronavirus. Have you seen over a million German peoples response?

    Where was a reasonable discussion had between private sector and health and government on the lockdown to look at logical options instead of a lockdown?

    Here is a vaccine discussion from a human rights perspective

    After listening to Tito’s budget speech and discussing this issue with an investment company owner the answer is clear – If we have another lockdown and I believe we WILL have another then we will see this country on its knees. Job losses, business closures, more suicides, unrelated unnecessary deaths, home and car repos etc along with a much diminished middle class.

    Speaking to a medical practitioner recently he noted that medical aids have lost 15% of their clientele.

    Perhaps this is what government in SA and abroad want to achieve despite the counter-productive financial logic.

    Look at Panda organisations statistics for lockdown and predictions. Government never got within a spitting distance with their epidemiology and ‘science’ and yet PANDA with limited data are very, very close to actual statistics. Why?

    Class action lawsuit to sueing governments over Coronavirus

    If you oppose lockdowns and the mainstream Covid responses with any other story other than what was brainwashed into you by main stream media and government then you are labeled a conspiracy theorist and seen as illogical.

    I haven’t seen one decent (economic, scientific and moral) factual discussion on television that has a mutually beneficial debate against the common narrative. It is not because it doesn’t exist it is because doctors and people are being silenced and there is no appetite to hear any other logical perspective at all. We are in the midst of a FEAR campaign it seems and its working!

    We cannot ignore what Luke Montagneir – Nobel Laurette winner for discovering the HIV said about Covid either.

  5. Common Sense – not very common.
    Simple question – given the size of any virus and the pores size of a mask …..?Given that a mask can catch droplets they should be worn in public places by people who are coughing, not across the board !medical fact : constant use of a mask causes respiratory problems.
    Virtually ALL info is disseminated through Authorities and MSM – except for movement restrictions Civil Servants have not lost, being funded by the Taxpayer.


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