Nicholas Lorimer asks John Endres and Gabriel Crouse if they think Malema’s threats against the police are a step too far, whether domestic workers will lose jobs if the minimum wage is raised and whats going on with the attacks on truck drivers in Kwa-Zulu Natal.


  1. The EFF can threaten white people and farmers. Calling for their throats to be slit, to be removed from the land and in general calling for white genocide. No authorities comment or do anything about it. However one comment about the police and the Police minister says it is going too far. How is that justified? How is that a balanced approach to law and order? The leadership of this country has no interest in law and order for it’s ordinary citizens, only playing for votes.

  2. What if I go and say…starve all BLACKS by not producing SURPLUS…don’t employ them… refuse to increase DOMESTICS salaries…withold direct taxes and pay into a TRUST…refuse to pay SABC licences… in GENEERAL…boycott anything to do with BLACKS (is possible)…
    Who will KNOCK on my door IMMEDIATELY.??..the powers that be.!!!!


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