President Cyril Ramaphosa has condemned the recent spate of attacks on the trucking industry.

This was done through his spokesman, Tyrone Seale.

Last week, a number of vehicles were set alight in the Free State and Gauteng. Seale said that the president extended his condolences to those who had lost loved ones in these events and wished an expeditious recovery to those who had suffered injury.

President Ramaphosa was concerned about the effect of this conduct on the freight industry as well as on the economy at large.

‘As South Africans, we cannot possibly tolerate the mindless and bloody lawlessness with which the road freight industry is being targeted. We cannot tolerate this loss of life and destruction of property,’ President Ramaphosa said.

He was, however, confident that those responsible for the attacks would be identified and punished, noting that there had been some arrests already.

Image by falco from Pixabay


  1. Maybe more than condemnation is required to put the brakes on the general lawlessness afflicting our country.

    • Something needs to be done but what? It can be only be by meeting it with a stronger force. The minister of defence says the SADF is in poor shape. The intelligence services have done nothing yet to get the ring-leaders. The police may come with a heavy hand but woe betide them if one of the bomber terrorists gets shot by the police. There will be an uproar against the police. I also would not not want any innocent civilian to be caught in the cross-file. Seems it is all just too late after years and years of letting public violence become the norm. Violence is the way things get done. Perhaps Beke Cele should just go in with guns blazing and wipe out these terrorists.

  2. Yet on the issue of farm murders, Ramaphosa cannot bring himself to utter the same words of condemnation. Instead, mealy-mouthed equivocation or even outright denial that there is a problem at all is the hallmark of ANC politicians’ response to this scourge.
    As James Myburgh pointed out in his excellent analysis, this is to be expected: These are the same people who fanned the flames against farmers in the first place.


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