South Africa has more than 1.1 million Covid-19 infections and in excess of 31 000 Covid-related deaths. A stricter curfew and many other controls have recently been introduced and harsher lockdowns may yet be introduced at massive economic cost. And still the government has done nothing to secure Covid vaccines on the scale required to generate herd immunity.

Why this ‘colossal mismanagement’ of the vaccine procurement process, as Cosatu calls it? And why is the vaccine roll-out plan quickly cobbled together by health minister Dr Zweli Mkhize so ‘very scant on details and ambiguous on timelines, especially on delivery dates’, as Nehawu queries?

Desire for control

Government’s customary incompetence is no doubt partly to blame, but there is more to it than that. Ideology is the decisive factor, along with the ANC’s desire for comprehensive control. Equally important is the opportunity the ruling party now sees to ‘pilot’ the vital ‘single-buyer’ element in the proposed National Health Insurance (NHI) scheme.

Ideology requires that vaccines be sourced – not from the ‘imperialist’ West and its private corporations – but rather from China and Russia and their state-controlled entities. Which is why Nehawu ‘demands’ that the government buy solely from these two countries, ‘while waiting’ for Covax vaccines to be made available under this global scheme.

Ideology further requires that the entire vaccination procurement and distribution process be controlled by the government. Union members need to be involved as well, says Nehawu, to ensure priority for the poor. But private medical schemes and hospital groups cannot be allowed any influence because of their ‘prioritisation of profits over lives’.

Ideology at the root

Ideology lies also at the root of the government’s refusal to allow the private sector to buy vaccines directly from the pharmaceutical companies whose approved products are already being rolled out in some 30 countries.

According to deputy director general of health Anban Pillay, ‘a single procurement approach’ is instead envisaged. ‘As a country we will buy a stock for the entire country and that will be used to distribute to our partners.’

Which ‘partners’ will be allowed into the distribution process will be decided by the government too. According to Mkhize’s plan, the list will not be confined to public and private healthcare providers, but will extend to ‘civil society, labour, and traditional leaders’, all of whom will have to report to ‘provincial and district coordinating councils’.

There will be many jobs for cadres in this complex coordinating process. There will also be many opportunities for ANC insiders to draw ‘rents’ from the trade unions, traditional leaders, and other entities wanting to participate.

Private sector hamstrung

As regards procurement, Discovery, the country’s largest private medical scheme, has reportedly secured and ring-fenced funding for the vaccination of 2 million of its members. However, it cannot choose to purchase suitable vaccines because the government will not allow this.

This is also why mining companies cannot meet a demand from the Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (Amcu) that they ‘directly procure the vaccine for their employees’, rather than wait for the government to provide.

This step cannot be taken, says Minerals Council SA spokesperson Charmane Russell, because ‘the government has made it clear that private sector organisations or medical schemes will not be permitted to procure independently for their own members.’

NHI pilot by the backdoor

Behind Pillay’s insistence on ‘a single procurement point’, controlled by the state, lies an ideological desire to use the vaccine roll-out as an unofficial ‘pilot’ for the NHI.

The proposed NHI is to be a ‘single-payer’ system (one of the few in the world), in which the government, through the state-controlled NHI Fund, will carry out all procurement, decide all treatment protocols, and stipulate all prices for healthcare goods and services.

Hence, if Covid vaccine procurement is made the sole function of the government, the SACP/ANC alliance will soon be able to claim a massive step forward towards the ‘single-payer’ NHI.

But a centralised government monopoly over vaccine procurement and distribution will put all the country’s eggs in one basket, excluding competition and increasing the risks of failure. It is also likely to prove cumbersome, incompetent, and wide open to corruption – especially in the purchase of ancillary goods and services such as needles, syringes, transport, and secure storage.

Fortunately for most South Africans, the single-buyer provisions in the 2019 NHI Bill have not yet been enacted into law. Hence, private companies and other entities still have the legal capacity to buy directly from the suppliers of their choice.

There is, however, a significant impediment in the Medicines and Related Substances Act of 1965 (the 1965 Act) and its prohibition on the sale of unregistered medicines. Covid vaccines must thus be registered by the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA), which replaced the Medicines Control Council (MCC) in 2018.

There was a time, back in the late 1990s, when the MCC was so independent of the ANC that it refused to bow to major pressure from Thabo Mbeki, then deputy president, and Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, then minister of health, to allow the use of Virodene, a dangerous industrial solvent, as a treatment for HIV/AIDS.

The ANC, which reportedly had a 6% stake in the company producing Virodene, was outraged. Dlamini-Zuma told the media she wanted ‘the power to overrule’ the MCC – and took steps to achieve just that. MCC chair Professor Peter Folb was summarily removed in 1998, as was MCC registrar Johann Schlebusch and his deputy.

Dlamini-Zuma’s next planned step was to disband the MCC and replace it with a new body under her control. However, she found she lacked the statutory authority to do so. That changed in 2003, when the 1965 Act was amended to create a new MCC appointed entirely by the minister. A 2008 amendment act provided for the establishment of SAHPRA, which is also subject to ministerial control.

By the time SAHPRA became operative in 2018, the backlog in unresolved applications had grown from an average of 600 under Folb to around 16 000. Some of these dated back to 1992.

Though some 3 000 applications for now outdated products have been discarded, the backlog still remains. It will be difficult to reduce, moreover, as SAHPRA receives some 4 700 new applications every year, but processes only about 2 550 applications a year.

Long delays in Covid vaccine registration could thus arise. However, SAHPRA is committed to collaborating with global regulatory agencies to speed up the registration process – and various vaccines have already been approved by the United States, the United Kingdom, the European Union, Israel, and India.

SAHPRA can thus rely on the stringent assessments already carried out by reputable regulatory agencies, rather than insisting on its own evaluations. It has also indicated in recent guidelines that exemption from normal testing may be considered for Covid vaccines.

Political pressure

The risk, however, is that political pressure could be brought to bear, as it was on the MCC on Virodene. In this scenario, SAHPRA might be swift to register Chinese or Russian vaccines, while insisting on more comprehensive evaluations for other products.

If South Africa’s only approved vaccines are Chinese or Russian ones given apparent ideological preference, even more South Africans will become reluctant to accept inoculation. By contrast, there will be fewer fears of adverse side-effects if people can choose from a range of suitable vaccines.

While many other countries forge ahead with vaccinations and look forward to reopening their economies, here the government’s main priority remains the pursuit of its destructive NDR ideology. That must now change.

The government’s desired monopoly over vaccine procurement and distribution cannot be accepted, while SAHPRA should fast-track the registration of all suitable vaccines in a professional and even-handed way. No individual should be forced to accept inoculation – but a choice of approved vaccines from a range of private and public providers should be made available to all those wanting to proceed.

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Image by Darko Stojanovic from Pixabay


  1. “It is likely to prove cumbersome”,- not a worry in their eyes, just more jobs for cadres.”incompetent”,- so what, everything they do is incompetent. “And wide open to corruption”,- the real meat of every decision made by these evil ANC.

  2. They have tested you, and you didn’t even put up a fight.
    You allow your government to spend and loot billions from the biggest bloated pig of all time..
    So you will be tested further.

  3. Would it be terrible if the Chinese/Russian vaccine have serious side effects down the road? It might just be what the masses need to get rid of their masters.

  4. Anyone that still doesn’t realize that Covid-19 is nonlethal and that these lockdowns, vaccines and lockdowns have nothing to do with a virus, needs to wake up quickly. With more than a 97 % recovery rate and only deaths occurring with extremely compromised immune systems, no vaccine is required.
    Hundreds of thousands of independant virologists, scientists, doctors and physicians with factual evidence, opposing WHO Big Pharma medical industry, are being censored and blocked from media sources. Mainstream media is being paid and controlled by governments to suppress any proof of fraud and crimes against humanity.
    This vaccine, which is about to become mandatory, is a crime against humanity and has already maimed and killed hundreds of people which the media is not exposing.
    Once you get this toxic vaccine your immune system will be compromised and you will be tracked and controlled for the rest of your life.

      • I disagree – A lot of what he said is based on fact. Twitter, youtube Facebook, google et al have been actively suppressing contrary views that conflict with the MSM narrative. Jerm is a good example where he interviews a highly regarding specialist in the field and the video is immediately taken down. Very early on there were a few hospital owner/doctors that were saying the reaction to covid was completely overblown and they to were promptly censored. To deny this is to be an idiot frankly. It is fact.

        Our own Panda group are very active in exploring the data and more importantly trying to put it in context, and also showing that the “interventions” are not backed by data. They too are being suppressed.

        There is nothing wrong with a contrary view. I do however agree that to call covid nothing is pushing things too far. I don’t think any objective person would deny that there is something serious going on. What most of us would dispute is the measures and reaction in response to this.

    • Fully agree with your Michael. The mRNA ‘vaccine’ is not, in fact, a vaccine. In the words of Dr David Martin:
      “Vaccines actually are a legally defined term under public health law; they are a legally defined term under CDC and FDA standards. And the vaccine specifically has to stimulate both the immunity within the person receiving it and it also has to disrupt transmission. And that is not what this is. They have been abundantly clear in saying that the mRNA strand that is going into the cell is not to stop the transmission, it is a treatment. But if it was discussed as a treatment, it would not get the sympathetic ear of public health authorities because then people would say “what other treatments are there?“

      Source :

      We don’t need or want a ‘vaccine’. Anthea, please do more investigation on this drug/therapeutic. It is experimental and it is ILLEGAL to foist it upon people without true informed consent. How can a ‘vaccine’ be safe and effective without sufficient testing? Vaccines take YEARS (average is around 10 years) and NOT just a few paltry months. Most of the healthcare professionals and workers in the USA and elsewhere do NOT want this vaccine – that speaks volumes!!

      • Vaccines USED to take years. The mRNA vaccine is a new type of vaccine. Totally different technology. Do some reading up on how they were developed. I used to use a map to get around, I now use my phone. Same thing. Genomics is having the same radical change in how things are developed, not just in medicines.

    • I agree with Michael. EVERY YEAR WE HAVE WORLDWIDE: 3 MILLION deaths from lung disease, 3 MILLION deaths from influenza and pneumonia, 1.3 million deaths from tuberculosis, 1.4 million deaths from diarrhea, 1 MILLION from AIDS and 0.4 MILLION from malaria. They are all contagious. So far, it has not bothered the government or anyone unaffected. Why now with Covid?

      Whether a virus or bacteria is a harmless companion on its human host, or whether it penetrates it and causes an illness, depends on its nature and the immune system of the person concerned! So shouldn’t measures be taken to strengthen the immune system rather than weakening it further with these nonsensical measures? The vaccination will do more harm than good.

      • Tracked, yes, controlled? Not quite yet. The worst is still to come. When you can’t enter a shop, restaurant or anywhere else without an app or electronic tag or some other type of electronic mark, that’s when you are fully tracked and controlled. And this is where it is heading if we don’t wake up and stop it. ID2020, COVIPASS and more.

  5. More top-down control and flagrant rent-seeking by our rotten governing party. Next, expect discriminating restrictions on freedoms and preclusions on constitutional rights for citizens not willing to accept their ‘officially approved’ vaccine and pay heavily loaded premiums for the privilege.

  6. Anthea Jeffery thank you for this insightful but disturbing analysis. Orwell saw SA in a vision when he wrote “Animal Farm” when the pigs started taking over our country and tightens its vice grip of control.

  7. MDC require 15 years of trials and tests for both medicine and complimentary medicine. The FDC in USA require lengthy trials on any medicine.
    There is no vaccine for HIV/aids after 40 years.
    There is no vaccine for the common flue after how many years of knowledge of this “illness”
    There is no vaccine for many other illnesses after how many years of knowledge of these illnesses.

    YET….a miracle has been performed in that a vaccine has been created in less than 6 months.

    EVEN WORSE…. testing of less than 6 months allows it to be used worldwide.

    Look at the people who have now died from the vaccine, and the side effects being reported. This does not include the long term side effects.

    Take a look at BDL (Big Daddy Liberty) youtube video how he overcame infection with nothing but his immune system.
    Come on….. what does this tell you. THIS IS CONTROL OVER THE PEOPLE.

    Look at Dr Rashid A Buttar on youtube

    • Fully agree with your post Duffy. The main pharmaceutical companies who produce vaccines are criminals. Literally criminals. They have paid BILLIONS of US Dollars over the years in fines and not one person has gone to jail for their crimes. Who would trust these people?! I certainly don’t!

  8. I could place a bet on this Government. My bet would be that they will certainly not take the vaccine, and if they did it would only appear that they are taking it if it was filmed. Just like that idiot Fauchi did with a retractable needle. They thought nobody would notice.

    I will certainly not take any Vaccine and at 82 years old I would rather take my chance on not getting this hoax.

    • Ha! Fauci! Yes, he forgot which arm he was supposed to have taken the shot! He knows full well that this ‘vaccine’ is dangerous and is, in fact, NOT a vaccine.

  9. Why is their such a panic over vaccines. have people gone absolutly demented over an illness where over 99.6% recover. There is no need for this. It is a tool to enich a particular industrial complex (Big Pharma) for their help in bringing the NWO closer. A reward if you will.

    I cannot fathom the stupity of society. The government response is understandable “cui bono”.

    It has nothing to do with Corona and everything to do with Government political policy

    Listen to the Socilaist puppet in charge. Your very own IRR John kane Berman made it abundently clear when he commented “He (Ramaphosa) recently declared that Covid-19 “gives a stronger rationale to transform and restructure” the “colonial and racist economy”.

    Its all about a one party communist state operating on behest of the UN.
    The objective is a common objective, the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which has been adopted by all 193 UN member countries. These Governments, their leaders and the bureaucrats helping them have been promised untold, unimaginable rewards, wealth and riches for their compliance for being complicit.
    This is what the objective is One world government by the “Elite Gigarich”. That is Agenda2030.

    • Don’t know where you get your information from. Just done the numbers. Death rate in EC 4.8%; WC 3.4% and KZN 2.1% – all of them still counting so will go up. Probably around 5% in the end. Death rate a lot higher than your 0.4% (or 99.6 recovery rate as you state it). Let me put it in context. The USA has had more than 1000 deaths per million people of total population. So in the USA you have a greater than 1 in 1000 chance of dying from CV. They are running at a 7 day average of close to 3000 deaths per day – total around 380 000 to date. To put it in perspective would you fly from Heathrow if they only crashed one plane a day? They had 1300 flights a day so your odds would be better than living in the USA. We are heading up into the same territory!

  10. Well then, as a ‘pilot’ for the NHS it has already failed to procure and will result in many deaths and infections, due to incompetence – even ideological incompetence. Nothing more need be said

  11. Google: “this is why the new mutant COVID strain that is ravaging south africa has scientists extremely worried by Tyler Durden”
    and: “UK scientists worry vaccines may not protect against south african coronavirus variant – Reuters”
    Apart from the ideological reasons for (not) acquiring the vaccines, a possible reason why the government is procrastinating the vaccines in SA is because of the high probability that they will not be effective against the multiplying mutant strains (8 mutations to the spike protein have already been detected). But of course, Mkhize and his cronies are mum on this, the public has no right to know all this.

    • When there are successful – and cheap – treatments out there which are treating the ‘virus’ and all its ‘variations’ why do we need a vaccine anyway? HCQ, Zinc, IVERMECTIN – all are cheap substances/drugs with minimal side effects. And to prove that this situation is not about health, why are people not being told to get their Vit D, zinc supplement, Vit C, eat healthily, exercise etc? BECAUSE IT IS NOT ABOUT HEALTH. It never WAS about health.

      This is a great site to download informative leaflets to circulate :

      • Your views, and those of others who support you, are convincing and are respected. However, according to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) site, the following question and answer is published:
        “Q: Is there any danger to humans taking ivermectin?
        A: There are approved uses for ivermectin in people and animals but it is not approved for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19. You should not take any medicine to treat or prevent COVID-19 unless it has been prescribed to you by your health care provider and acquired from a legitimate source.
        Some of the side-effects that may be associated with ivermectin include skin rash, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, facial or limb swelling, neurologic adverse events (dizziness, seizures, confusion), sudden drop in blood pressure, severe skin rash potentially requiring hospitalization and liver injury (hepatitis). Laboratory test abnormalities include decrease in white cell count and elevated liver tests. Any use of ivermectin for the prevention or treatment of COVID-19 should be avoided as its benefits and safety for these purposes have not been established. Data from clinical trials are necessary for us to determine whether ivermectin is safe and effective in treating or preventing COVID-19.”
        Whilst it is true that the ultimate sentence seems to negate the value of the answer, suggesting that it is premature pending the results of necessary clinical trials, it is so categoric as to caste doubt on the use of ivermectin.

  12. The biggest problem with the NHI and the “single buyer” concept is that the despised, rich, capitalist whites will be taxed even more to fund yet another pipe dream of the ANC communists. Even more of the actually poor black people will have no access to decent medical care, because the ANC cadres and their black elite buds will also be robbing that fund, like they have been doing with each and every other one.

  13. “Comrades, Cadres, Partners, Unions, Control (e.g. Single-procurement point etc.),Single-payer NHI, Monopoly” ; this is some of the language of the ANC which has led to one of the great thefts in history ( taking into account the short time factor) , which is being further directed into another “Black Hole” of potential disaster but with potentially huge benefits for various “Partners”. As so many of you have already pointed out , it is just a case of “watch this space”.

  14. Another story to throw in here is, is this coincidental. Ask the question. 5G roll outs across the world are coming into play here. If one compares the 5G ro all out to the so called “Covid”, they are the places with the most cases and deaths. In Africa it shows SA as being a 5G hot spot compared to the rest of Afruca who are not reporting many cases or deaths. Interesting. To top this 15,000 Scientists and over 700,000 Qualified Medical Professionals are speaking against lick fiwns and mask wearing as being extremely had for one health (wearing masks 8 hours a day) for it us reducing causing low immunity and making people more sick including patients now suffering from bacterial lung infections. The people in SA have become passive. They are becoming the RATS being led by the Pied Piper to their destruction.

    • Absolutely these questions must be asked. Microwave radiation is dangerous to humans and this is precisely what 5G is. I don’t think that 5G is the only element that is making people sick. For sure wearing masks is making people sick. Lockdowns kill more people than they allegedly save. This whole situation is a complete setup.

      For your further reading, look up SPARS 2025 to 2028 – this was written in 2017 but it is like Event 201 in that it is predicting further ‘pandemics’.

  15. I despair at the ignorance displayed on this site. If you, personally, don’t want the vaccine for whatever crackpot reason; don’t take it. However, it is criminal, if you propagate the garbage you find on the internet and influence the gullible. Amazing how all the postings love the same phrase-‘this is what big business don’t want you to know’.

    • Are you happy to take an experimental vaccine that won’t stop transmission of the virus and which has not been proven safe? In fact, the mRNA injection is not a vaccine. It is genetic modification. And these treatments are causing numerous and serious adverse reactions. Everything is available to read in the official sources – there is no excuse for not knowing this information. If you still want to go ahead and take the injection then you carry on. In the USA nearly half of all healthcare workers/professionals are not going to take the shot – that speaks volumes. If the people in the industry are choosing not to take it then I sure as heck won’t!

  16. To ”buy” the Russian vaccine is merely to pay PUTIN for not buying NUCLEAR from Rolstom…………

  17. I submitted the following to some publications just yesterday – apologies for the length:

    Reading “Gangster State: Unravelling Ace Magashule’s Web of Capture”, “Republic of Gupta”, “Preditor Politics: Mabuza, Fred Daniel and the Great Land Scam”, “Enemy of the People: How Jacob Zuma Stole South Africa”, “Blessed by Bosasa”, “The Presidents Keeper” and a host of other scandalous books exposing corruption on the grandest scale, and “state capture” one must wonder why hardly any of the authors of these books have never been challenged in a court of law?
    Could it be that these chronicles are factual? Surely the subjects of the books if not factual would have challenged the authors either by litigation or the public domain in the press, but not so which leaves the readers to believe that these are true accounts of what has become the ‘norm’ amongst the ruling elite of South Africa, our esteemed leaders. Hardly a day goes by that another scandal by a high-ranking ANC cadre makes the headlines and one simply need listen to the evidence being led by countless well-connected cadres at the Zondo Commission on State Capture to understand the true extent of what is happening in the country.
    But there is light at the end of the tunnel – indeed the ANC has an esteemed committee called the “ANC Integrity Commission” and we see just how effective the commission is when the former eThekwini mayor Zandile Gumede has been given a free pass, despite being charged for corruption has been rewarded by a prominent position in the provincial government. Of course we have all read about Ace Magashule’s charges and court appearance but neither have stepped down as the integrity commission ruled recently. And why should they? After all “some animals are more equal than others” wrote George Orwell. And this mantra certainly belongs to the ruling ANC. Nothing new as we well remember Shabir Shaik , Tony Yengeni and honestly far too many to mention. Cadre’s all accused of misconduct and worse.
    Of course, the awarding of dodgy tenders for the supply of Personal Protection Equipment during the pandemic is another accolade to add to the ANC’s “integrity” accomplishments, but the most important achievement, not of their own doing, is that there is such an incipit and weak opposition that allows the governing elite a blank cheque to do what it likes, when it likes and how it likes.
    A stranger to the country must question just how they get away with all this, it’s simple, when their propaganda machine convinces the rural masses that the measly grants they get to sustain their livelihood comes for the ANC and not the government the ANC knows that they will remain in power until the second coming. Keeping the poor masses on the brink of starvation, denying them a “better life for all”, denying decent schooling and healthcare and keeping “the people” where they are with little hope of that elusive “better life” is their ticket to suck the country dry and carry on thieving for their own gratification and indulgence without any remorse as to the plight of the masses the status quo will continue forever.
    The creation of a comfortable middle class is their biggest enemy and thus the dismal education policy of the ANC is purposely perpetuated to lower schooling standards and only open opportunity to those exceptional few who through sheer extraordinary ability can rise above the mediocrity and sub-standard education policies of the ruling elite. A page out of Marie Antionette’s book of letting them eat cake if no bread is available.
    An alarming thought, no frightening one is that only one man stands between the likes of a D.D.Mabuza, or Ace Magashule and their ilk becoming president of the country, and if we thought that Zuma was bad, he will look like an angel compared the these two. A thought to ghastly to consider but something so easily possible given the forces trying to dislodge the current president, not to suppose that our current president is squeaky clean.
    Given all the maleficence experience to date, which in itself beggars believe, along comes the Covid19 pandemic and what a gift to the ruling scoundrels giving them carte blanch to impose total control over their subjects. Control such as not being allowed to purchase open toe shoes! Or hot prepared food, or a list of other bizarre items conjured up by some demented minister. Of course the ban on cigarette sales really made sense but those “rules” were not intended to make any sense they were imposed to exert total control over a population without any logic. If anyone believes that these controls will ever be relaxed, think again.
    Nothing new in South Africa as the previous regime did just that – controlled every aspect of life without the people ever realising until too late. The ANC have now an even more powerful tool at their disposal – the Covid19 vaccination that poorer countries such as Colombia, Tunisia, Algeria and a host more have not only secured supplies of the various vaccines available but in fact are currently rolling out their distribution and inoculation vast swaths of their population. Where is the South African strategy of combating the pandemic? After missing two critical advance payment to secure such supplies they firstly try to pull the wool over our eyes and tell us that the vaccines need to be tried and tested by our own authorities – really when the U.K, U.S. and other highly sophisticated countries have green lighted the vaccines. Then do an about turn within 24 hours when a number of scientist attested to the efficacy of the vaccines, then fumbled with hardly a convincing argument about committing deposits and other half backed excuses.
    There can only be two cogent reasons for the ANC not committing all resources in obtaining the necessary life-saving drugs:
    While the ANC exerts total control via their State of Disaster and Disaster Management Act which gives them the power to renew the Act without parliament approval enables them to control every aspect of civil live from what kind of food they are allowed to purchase to the type of sandal you are allowed to wear. Total control over the population gives unchecked power to do what they like, and haven’t we seen examples of this.
    The second and very plausible reason being that negotiating with the ethical manufactures of the Covid19 vaccines no pharmaceutical company were prepared to be party to the corrupt practices of the ANC officials, something so obvious and blatant in the awarding of PPE tenders not that long ago. The ANC cadres saw no personal benefit in securing the vaccines that could prevent the infection and death rate of the population and therefore they saw no urgency in securing the life -saving drugs.
    Lets not forget the proposed National Health Insurance Scheme that the ANC intends to roll out in the near future – will be managed with the same efficiency as the vaccine debacle!

  18. I have been following Prof Anthea Jeffery for a long time and i have a lot of respect for her opinions and her brilliant insight. Right in the beginning of the Corona circus she said the Anc wants to collapse our capitalism economy and replace it with their socialist and communist ideology . I second her statement as this is exactly what the Anc has been doing from day one. Their absurd , ridiculous , racist and draconian regulations damaged the economy beyond repair and now they are at it again. Every single thing the Anc touches either goes bankcrupt , destroyed or needs a bail out ,, SAA , SABC, Denel , Prasa , Post office , municipalities, Escom ,, the list is endless. Under Anc rule all the standards in SA are all rockbottom , Health , education , Police , Judiciary , Roads ,Sandf , Sars ,, the list is endless .
    Years of blatent theft , mass corruption and gross enrichment and missappropiation of tax payers money has left our country bankcrupt and then they appoint the corrupt to investigate the corrupt , shocking.
    The Anc hardlockdown regulations all in the name of”saving lives” , millions of food parcels prepared for the poor intercepted and stolen by Anc comrades , R500 000 billion stolen for covid help , not one comrade arrested and jailed but they saving lives,, like hell !! The arrogance and incompetence of these people are mind boggling. The Anc will continue with their mass destruction of our country until this beautiful country will be turned to wasteland !

  19. When a communist/socialist ANC is desperate enough to tamper, unhindered, with the Constitution to implement its ideological madness, then all must know the end is near and nothing will stop them fulfilling their evil objectives.

    • Peter , i agree , the only but only option left for the Anc is to march ahead and destroy anything in its path to implement their old ancient failed communist and socialist ideology. The rest of SA Has been destroyed already by this destructive government.

  20. This vaccine debacle demonstrates another specific South African management technique which I call “management by public outcry”. I first identified this management technique when Eskom only purchased enough coal after a large public outcry. They even went so far as to put large adverts in some papers to tell us that they had now purchased sufficient coal. Similarly in this case there was only some movement on the vaccine front after a massive public outcry. I am sure this will be an interesting field of study for some MBA student 🙂

  21. I suggest many of the above comments be circulated to interested parties overseas. Those who so ardently and blindly supported the so called ANC liberators/freedom fighters prior to 1994 may just realise all they backed was a mob of communist/socialist “SKELMS”. Others, friends sympathetic to our cause, will probably be horrified at the sad state of affairs presently unravelling in our once vibrant country.

  22. Well said Allan+Wolman. Re:”Gangster State” we all know what has been going on behind the ANC curtain but to read the facts in detail is another story!

  23. All I can say is that many of the decisions relating to Covid pandemic made by the current government are totally non sensical. But we think that they just don’t know how to run a country. Not True. Their decisions and actions are based on exercising full control over its people while at the same time harvesting all the profits forth flowing from their unilateral tender? processes. It is sickening to think that there are still people who will support them – out of ignorance.

  24. Aside from the money that will be spent on various vaccines, the number of Covid tests performed globally now stands at close to 1 Billion. I’m not sure what the average going rate per test is but the amount of money already spent on something that has proved fatal to less than 2 million people is utter madness.
    Anyone who dares to question the logic of all this is immediately dismissed as a deranged Trumpian conspiracy theorist but seriously CUI BONO???


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