Nick and Gabriel discuss the events of 6 January in the U.S. and the case for and against impeaching Trump- again.


  1. You guys are full of shit! You have no clue what your talking about. Two libtards that believe everything the mainstream media is pushing. Get bent!!!

  2. Nick and Gabriel… you guys remind of cart horses with those eye covers on to keep them looking only forward.
    There are 100’s of videos of testimony all over social media of random members of the public explaining all of the irregularities, errors with vote machines etc.
    You are both so clearly up MSM’s propaganda hole that you can’t apply critical thinking. Mathematicians and data scientists have provided countless examples of how votes were altered, added, changed, fractionalised etc.
    I subcribed/started looking at Daily Friend because of Jerm and Big Daddy Liberty.
    I wasted 9 minutes of my life listening to this podcast before I had heard enough. Open your eyes and minds and you will find the truth. Stop taking shortcuts reading snippets or summaries from MSM.
    You are part of the problem.


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