Magdalena Andersson, the first woman to become Prime Minister of Sweden, resigned after less than a day in the job.

She got the top job in the Scandinavian country on Wednesday, but resigned later when a coalition partner pulled out of the government, making it impossible to pass a budget.

Andersson’s party, the Social Democrats, was governing with the support of the Greens, and others. However, the Greens pulled out of the agreement because of unhappiness over the budget. By Swedish convention, a prime minister resigns when a party resigns from the governing coalition.

Andersson’s predecessor as prime minister, Stefan Lofven, will now continue in a caretaker role. However, Andersson has indicated that she will attempt to be elected as prime minister again, either as the head of a minority government or with the support of the parties which previously helped her get the top post.

Sweden is the last of the Scandinavian countries to have a female head of government.