Last week saw a spectacular example of that most profound racism, the belief that black suffering means nothing unless whites cause it.

Whites are all important. Without a white presence, any torment of black people, however terrible, is without interest at all, and must be ignored.

Which of these two ordeals to young men do you think is worse? (Both have actually happened.)

Ordeal 1. A young man had his laptop urinated upon by another young man.

Ordeal 2. A young man was drugged, and then had both eyes and both testicles gouged out by three other young men.

According to our newspapers, commentators, radio announcers and politicians, Ordeal 1 was much worse. They ignored Ordeal 2.

Ordeal 1 happened at Stellenbosch University in the early morning of Sunday, 15 May 2022, when a white first-year student, Theuns du Toit, entered the room of a first-year black student, Babalo Ndwayana, and urinated on his laptop and books.

The incident caused great shock throughout mainstream media. Senior ANC and DA politicians expressed their horror. The Cape Town newspapers carried it as their front-page story for several days. Radio commentators were overcome with outrage. The ANC whip, Dibolelo Mahlatsi, said that no stone should be left unturned in investigating the matter. The Minister of Higher Education, Comrade Blade Nzimande, condemned the incident as ‘abominable’ behaviour towards a ‘fellow human being.’

No headlines

Ordeal 2 happened in 2016. A 23-year-old black man was drugged, and then had his eyes and testicles gouged out, so that he is blind and childless for the rest of his life. On 24 August 2017, the Ulundi Regional Court sentenced Xolani Mkhwanazi to 15 years in prison for the crime. The victim’s name was withheld. Mkhwanazi had two accomplices, who have avoided detection. The Sun newspaper reported on 6 May 2016 that police had raided the dwelling of Mkhwanazi. It reported, ‘The balls were found where the suspect rents a room. They were not even rotten, they were still fresh.’ In other words, the testicles of the mutilated young black man would still make good muti. This case shocked nobody who mattered. It received no headlines from any newspaper, no outrage from any woke commentator, no remarks from any ANC minister. Do you remember any comment on this atrocity?

Both of these dangers to black people are likely to persist. Young men such as Babalo Ndwayana, who has all of my sympathy, and with whom I identify myself, will continue to be at risk from humiliating insults from adolescent hooligans such as Theuns du Toit at any male high school or tertiary boarding learning institute he might attend, regardless of the race of the young males. And all vulnerable black people, especially children and Albinos, will continue to be at risk of being killed or mutilated for their body parts by muti killers. Both horrible practices must be stamped out. But which do you think is more serious?

At the school I attended, Fish Hoek High in 1961, there were similar incidents to that at Stellenbosch University last week. Some senior schoolboys, jealous that a rival had won the girl they loved, smeared their faeces all over his little motorbike. It was off the school premises. Had it happened at the school and been discovered, I can tell you exactly what would have happened. The parents of the perpetrators would have been compelled to pay damages for the victim’s property, and the perpetrators would have been summoned to the headmaster’s office, told to bend over and received six very painful lashes on their bottoms. Such days have passed, for better or worse.

At a local pub last Tuesday I saw two youngish men at a table with the Argus in front of them carrying its headline story, ‘Protest erupts over SU ‘racism’ ‘. It didn’t interest either particularly. One said mildly. ‘That sort of thing happened all the time in the (then whites only) army.’


At UCT in first year in 1967, I was forced to take a horrid part in its first-year initiation rituals. I hate these initiations. They disgust me. I want them outlawed. I believe they were even worse at the Afrikaans universities. Du Toit’s case at Stellenbosch was not one of initiation, and race has now entered the miserable picture, but it belongs to the same category of sick power relationships between young males. They are horrible, and I’d like to eradicate them.

The muti problem is incomparably worse. It is obviously very widespread and shows little sign of diminishing. It seems to affect only black people, with only black perpetrators, and for that reason it is ignored by the woke elite and the mainstream media, who are obsessed with white people.

At the very moment when the ‘Stellenbosch urination’ was making frenzied headlines, there were reports on the inside pages about the murder of Hillary Gardee, the daughter of the EFF secretary-general. It seems she was abducted, raped, stabbed, mutilated and murdered. Increasing evidence suggests that muti might have been part of the reason for her slaughter. One of the three accused in her murder, Sipho Mkhatshwa, apparently asked a sangoma (a traditional African healer) to cleanse him of the crime. To pay for this cleansing, he offered the sangoma an albino child for muti body parts. (The sangoma refused.) It is said Mkhatshwa offered to sell two albino children for R2 million to an Eswatini (Swaziland) national for muti.

In other words the reasons for gouging out the eyes and testicles of that black man in 2017 and the reasons for the murder of Hillary Gardee today might be similar: muti.  Are we allowed to talk about it? No!

The woke elite

No, because we are not allowed to believe that blacks and whites have equal worth. We are not allowed to believe that blacks and whites suffer equally, are equally guilty of sin, and are equally interesting and important.

We are told that blacks are boring and whites are interesting. We are told that black suffering means nothing unless whites cause it. Since muti murder seems to affect only black people, the woke elite orders you to ignore it. If a black man has his eyes and testicles torn out by another black man, we must ignore it. If a black man has his laptop pissed upon by a white man, we must regard it as a crime against humanity.

Another sickening thing about the whole wretched episode at Stellenbosch was the absolute delight, the rampant joy, with which it was received. There were front page pictures of screaming, fist-waving students protesting in what looked like a state of ecstasy. There is obviously a desperate need among well-off blacks and woke whites to find white racism.

Newspaper editors search urgently for any white racism so that they can denounce it in unctuous sermons. Stellenbosch University is a special case since some classes are still taught in Afrikaans. Some privileged blacks regard Afrikaans as ‘racist’ and demand to be taught, not in an African language – heaven forbid! – but in the colonial language of English. We hate Cecil John Rhodes, who wanted English to be the universal language, so we demand to be taught in English!


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Andrew Kenny is a writer, an engineer and a classical liberal.