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More than just making a ‘lawaai’


Behind every stand the Institute of Race Relations (IRR) takes is a body of considered research, and a good alternative to bad policy. I had

A depressing failure


A nearly two-decade old speech warning South Africa of its looming economic disaster makes for depressing reading – but more depressing are the consequences of

Zille and the IRR: a shared resolve


South Africans’ opinions, ambitions and hopes cannot be defined by the accidental marker of skin colour – and cannot be matched in policy if they

John Harris’s bomb


Remembering a testing moral challenge that remains vivid this half century later. The blast of a dynamite-and-petrol bomb on the main concourse of the Johannesburg

A waiting country


After 25 years in power, and the costs of its flawed policy mounting, the African National Congress (ANC) is unmistakably at the centre of South

Lessons from Lebanon

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However good people may be, the societies they constitute cannot prevail against bad ideas unless they muster the will to reject them. The wriest aesthetic

The story of an animal farm


South African novelist Olive Schreiner’s century-old insight into the fundamental unity of South Africans’ interests continues to be fiercely resisted by adherents of the ideology

When it’s time to act


Policies and ideas that divide South Africans by race drive a wedge into our common interest and weaken our chances of success as a society.

The good society


Uniting the middle ground of moderate citizens is the key to a free, open and prospering South Africa. A hitherto unknown – though certainly not

Sustaining discord at the cost of progress


Scrutinising ‘privilege’ shows where South Africa really needs to get to work. Much as it often threatens detractors on the Left and Right, it is