The ANC's original website remains offline

Staff Writer | Mar 26, 2019
A dispute with the service provider keeps the ANC's original website offline

 The original website of the African National Congress (ANC) at remains offline months after a dispute with a service provider.   

A payment dispute with its web service provider saw the ANC lose control of its website in 2018. A message that the site had been “suspended for non-payment’’ appeared in its place.

An adjudicator subsequently ruled against the ANC and it was forced to register a new web-domain as in reference to its founding. The adjudication found that the original domain was not owned by the ANC.

The party has said that it intends to get its original web domain back and that it will take legal action if necessary. The web provider is reported also to be considering legal action and news reports claim that the ANC may owe it as much as R6m for web services.  

A web provider who spoke on the condition of anonymity to the Daily Friend said that the amount reportedly owed was very large and that high quality and complex organisational websites can be constructed at run for a fraction of that amount.

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