ANC to ‘accelerate radical socio-economic transformation’

Staff Writer | Aug 02, 2019
The national executive committee (NEC) of the African National Congress (ANC) has also urged the parliamentary committee charged with amending the constitution to allow for expropriation of land without compensation to complete its work by the end of this year.

ANC secretary general Ace Magashule said in a statement the NEC ‘welcomed’ the report of the Presidential Advisory Panel on Land Reform and Agriculture and urged the government to ‘move swiftly’ towards implementing its recommendations.

He said the NEC ‘re-affirmed ANC resolutions on accelerated land reform and its commitment to a mix of state, communal and private ownership of land’. The committee ‘welcomed the establishment of the Parliamentary Ad Hoc Committee tasked with the amendment to Section 25 of the Constitution to allow for expropriation of land without compensation, and urged the committee to complete its work by the end of this year’.

On the future of the South African Reserve Bank, the NEC ‘reaffirmed’ the ANC’s ‘resolution to return the sovereignty of this important national institution to the people of South Africa as a whole’. The statement added that the NEC ‘emphasised the policy positions of the ANC on the independence and mandate (of the bank), with its mandate to be exercised in regular consultations with government’.

Magashule’s statement follows a four-day NEC meeting in Tshwane.

South Africa’s economic crisis features prominently in the statement.

‘We woke up this morning on (sic) the announcement that the official unemployment rate has risen to 29%. This continues to be the single most important challenge facing our nation.

‘The NEC agreed that among the most critical tasks of the organisation, as we continue to build a non-racial, non-sexist country is therefore to place the economy on an inclusive and higher growth trajectory, create employment, strengthen local government and improve service delivery.’

The statement said the NEC ‘noted with concern the poor performance of the economy … continued job losses, and serious challenges in critical state-owned enterprises (which had) a dire impact on poor households, the middle class, women and young people, who bear the brunt of structural unemployment, inequality and poverty’.

In view of this, the NEC ‘called on government to also consider other urgent measures to accelerate radical socio-economic transformation…’.

These included ‘prioritising the reimagined industrial strategy in identified priority sectors, micro and macro-economic policy measures, tackling the monopolistic structure of the economy, land reform and agro-processing, a carbon-efficient economy, fourth industrial revolution sectors, improving the ease of doing business and investments in infrastructure, township and rural economies’.

IRR analysts have warned that until the ANC abandons leftist ideology and takes the threat of expropriation without compensation off the table, economic recovery will not be possible.  


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