Bombshell resignation letter shines light on DA crisis in Joburg

Staff Writer | Jun 09, 2019
Impossible working environment and lack of support from city leaders, including Democratic Alliance (DA) colleagues, cited as reasons for quitting.

The bombshell letter by DA councillor in the City of Johannesburg, Werner Smit, sets out details of how the work of DA councillors is sabotaged by officials and Economic Freedom Front (EFF) councillors.

Mr Smit made specific mention of pressure exerted on DA councillors to turn a blind eye to land invasions which in turn opened the way to infrastructure destruction, crime, and falling property prices. He went as far as to allege that parts of the city were experiencing ‘a wave of terrorism against the infrastructure and homes of [these] residents’. 

Mr Smit wrote that some councillors actively encouraged land invasions and occupations in order to build their own political profiles. When DA councillors sought to intervene via court orders and police operations, ‘political meddling in the execution of these operations render[ed] uncertainty amongst officials on how to proceed’. Mr Smit specifically alleged that the Office of the Mayor was party to such undermining. 

DA insiders with knowledge of events in the city who spoke to the Daily Friend on condition of anonymity said that there was a brewing rebellion in the DA ranks against Mayor Herman Mashaba.  


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