Bread robbery mirrors economic blight in Zim

Staff Writer | Aug 04, 2019
Armed robbers ambushed a truck carrying loaves of bread in the city of Harare in Zimbabwe and made off with several hundred loaves.

Local residents said the robbery reflected deteriorating social and economic conditions at a time when food shortages again make headlines in that blighted African country.

Zimbabwe demonstrates extraordinary socio-economic indicators. Inflation breached the 100% level last week, though it is still far off the 89 700 000 000 000 000 000 000% (89 sextillion percent) estimated in 2008. Trade unions estimate that up to 90% of Zimbabweans are effectively unemployed.

Zimbabwe’s once thriving agricultural economy was destroyed when the government encouraged land seizures under a policy of expropriation without compensation, purportedly in pursuit of righting historical wrongs.


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