Brexit pressures mount for Theresa May

Staff Writer | May 24, 2019
British Premier Theresa May’s woes have escalated with yet another senior resignation, and mounting resistance in her own party.

Theresa May’s position as Prime Minister seems once again to be seriously threatened by another resignation from her cabinet and poor attendance at a parliamentary sitting by Conservative MPs.

On Wednesday, Andrea Leadsom resigned from her post as Leader of the House of Commons, stating that she no longer believed May’s government would be able to honour the result of the Brexit referendum. 

This comes after an attempt by May to use the promise of a second referendum on the EU to get her European Union exit deal through parliament, which sparked a revolt by the pro-leave faction of the Conservative Party. 

Leadsom wrote in her resignation letter that ‘I do not believe that we will be a truly sovereign United Kingdom through the deal that is now proposed’ and that a second referendum would be ‘dangerously divisive’.  

Things appeared particularly troublesome for May when a Wednesday sitting of the House of Commons was poorly attended by Conservative MPs – and those who did attend seemed to pay little attention to her. 

May has promised her party’s ‘1922 Committee’, which determines the party’s rules, that after the next vote on her Brexit deal she will set out a time-table for when she will resign as leader of the party and as Prime Minister. 


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