Bug-spray stratagem to quieten neighbours backfires

Staff Writer | Aug 22, 2019
A Florida man who went for his noisy neighbours with insect spray and nunchucks ended up injuring himself, and being arrested for his trouble.

Sixty-one-year-old Larry Adams from Orlando got more than he bargained for when he allegedly used insect spray and nunchucks to threaten the occupants of a car outside his apartment for playing loud music.

His stratagem backfired when the nunchucks struck the car and rebounded, hitting Adams in the face and leaving him with a minor head injury. Adams then allegedly threatened to shoot the group.

When police arrived, they noticed a cut on his head, and, upon searching his home, discovered an empty can of anti-insect spray, a pair of nunchucks and a hand-gun magazine loaded with bullets. It was not clear if Adams actually owned a gun.

Police proceeded to arrest Adams on charges of aggravated battery and assault.

The manager of the apartment building confirmed that Adams would be evicted.


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