Communists hearing voices

Staff Writer | May 15, 2019
The South African Communist Party (SACP) says the ‘revolutionary voice of the working class’ has ‘echoed loud and clear at the ballot box’.

In the wake of South Africa’s recent elections, the SACP said: ‘We can say without fear of contradiction that we have heard the revolutionary voice of the working class, echoed loud and clear at the ballot box, and dare not take this revolutionary voice for granted.’ 

The party said in a statement that ‘the election victory means that the ANC … is given yet another full mandate to constitute the 6th administration and implement the ANC election manifesto. We are confident that the Alliance and the new administration will deeply internalise and appreciate this uncompromising militancy by the working class and revolutionary people’ and that ‘we call on the new administration to remain unrelenting in the fight against corruption, corporate capture of the state and the malice of looting. We believe that it was in this powerful posture for clean administration that the working class trusted and will continue to trust the ANC.’

The party added: ‘We are humbled that the economic power house (sic) of our country and the continent remains firmly in the hands of the revolutionary Alliance, guided by the Freedom Charter, that is, the only scientific basis for resolving the historic legacy of Colonialism of a Special Type (CST) and direct solid basis to build socialism in our country. We will in due course deploy our Marxist-Leninist tools of class analysis to deep-dive into the class realities and complexities of the election outcomes and pave a clear way-forward (sic) to consolidate the National Democratic Revolution.’

The SACP played a central role in the overthrow of the administration of President Thabo Mbeki and the bringing to power of Jacob Zuma. His decade in power wrecked the South African economy, eroded living standards, white-anted away democratic institutions, and precipitated a sharp drop in support for the ruling ANC.


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