DA announces plan for jobs

Staff Writer | Mar 20, 2019
The Democratic Alliance in the Free State has announced a plan to put “a job in every home” in that province.

Speaking in Bloemfontein the DA Premier candidate in that province Patricia Kopane said thatYoung people, and the elderly alike, are among the groups who are the hardest hit by crippling unemployment. The unemployment crisis, which the ANC has allowed to run free, is not just numbers on a page. Unemployment has a face. The faces of unemployment are our daughters, sons, cousins and friends, who struggle to find work because the ANC has killed the economy. There is no dignity in being an unemployed graduate and having to depend on the old age grant of a grandmother or grandfather. Unemployment mixed with the rising costs of electricity and fuel has left many people in our country in despair. In addition to this, the recent rolling power failures at Eskom is further killing prospects job creation”.

According to the DA its plan for jobs will include measures that range from paid voluntary national service for every matricultant who does not qualify for university study to land reform, funding for small businesses, and the eradication of red tape.   

The DA also promised to introduce a Jobs Act to “attract more investment into South Africa in order to realize investment for jobs, and realizing a job in every home”.

Kopane said that, “If the failing ANC could not create jobs for our people over the past 10 years, how can we trust them to create jobs for them in the next five?”

According to Kopane where the DA governed jobs were created at a far faster rate than where the ANC governed.

According to the IRR in 2018 South Africa’s national unemployment rate was 27.2%. It was highest in the Eastern Cape at 34.2% and lowest in the Western Cape at 20.7%. In that year emerging markets tended to average unemployment rates of below 10%.

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