DA campaign boss says good riddance to FF+ voters

Staff Writer | May 11, 2019
Democratic Alliance (DA) election campaign manager and former party CEO Jonathan Moakes says some voters who left the party are “racial nationalists”.

The DA haemorrhaged support to the Freedom Front+ (FF+) in what is widely interpreted as a disastrous election campaign that saw DA support regress for the first time ever.  

Even in erstwhile strongholds the party saw support levels slip despite a decade of corruption and economic mismanagement by the ruling African National Congress (ANC).

In a letter to party staff and structures seen by the Daily Friend, Moakes writes that “the DA has proved in this election that we stand alone in building a united South Africa, One South Africa for All; a moderate political centre where moderate, liberal voters have a home and a future and can collectively oppose radical politics. That project will naturally see DA support change over time. A changing moderate centre may no longer appeal to racial nationalists, who may not see the DA as their home any longer”. 

It is understood that Moakes was referring to former DA voters who voted for the FF+. 

A party insider told the Daily Friend that some DA leaders wish to deflect criticism of the failed campaign by painting those voters who left the party as racists. Earlier, a former party insider said the DA lost support because it attacked its own voters. 

Ironically, it is the DA itself and its campaign staff who have been accused of running a racial nationalist campaign by copying many of the race-based policies of the ANC. Ahead of the election, the DA courted much controversy by announcing that “race was a proxy for disadvantage”, leading to a storm of criticism that the party had abandoned its liberal heritage.

Among those critical of the party’s campaign was Helen Zille, who took to social media to say: “For the first time in this election the DA pandered to racial politics. It didn’t work. Hope we learn lesson”.     


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