Dutch MPs adopt resolution against EWC

Staff Writer | Jul 19, 2019
The power of international lobbying has been illustrated by the Dutch Parliament’s passing a motion against expropriation without compensation in South Africa.

The Institute of Race Relations said the motion highlighted the importance of international lobbying against policies that threatened property rights and the rule of law in South Africa.

The South African government and the ruling African National Congress have made expropriation without compensation a centrepiece of government policy, and have threatened to confiscate assets that range from land to private savings and pension funds.

The IRR has repeatedly warned that such takings would be economically disastrous as well as opening the way to the erosion of civil rights and the rule of law.

During the apartheid era the IRR went to great lengths to draw international attention to human rights violations in South Africa and to lobby for reform. The ANC was especially adept at using international platforms to create pressure for reform in South Africa.   


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