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Sara Gon | Mar 16, 2019
Apologies for anyone who has tried to log on today to find our Opinions in a constantly change of order. It seems that load shedding has come to The Daily Friend. The main Opinion of the day should be followed by the previous More Opinions in the order in which they first appeared. This is likely to happen again so please bear with us.

This column offers me, the editor, the opportunity to publish whatever I think may be of interest - messages to readers, relevant foreign articles, series and a whole lot more.Our articles are on average between 800 - 1,000 words long. For this first edition, however, our main Opinion is the text of the speech IRR CEO Dr. Frans Cronjé gave at an IRR event held at the University of Stellenbosch last week. It is a superb analysis of the fundamental issues South Africans have to get to grips with to ensure that we have a continuing and robust democratic future.

The Daily Friend aims to promote liberty to ensure that South Africans have the freedom to make their own choices. Those choices include real economic empowerment, property rights, choice-driven healthcare, education and policing policies.

We will offer rational debate on racism, taxation, accountable politics, and small and effective government. None of this can be achieved without freedom of thought and speech. All our freedoms rest on these freedoms. Increasingly political, civil and academic society is deciding, for you, what is ‘politically correct to think or say. 

The Daily Friend advocates for the individual to think and speak, and not be subject to ‘group think’. Analysis and opinion will be brought to you by IRR columnists with insight and clarity such as Dr. Frans Cronjé, John Kane-Berman, Dr. Anthea Jeffery, Gareth van Onselen, Terence Corrigan, Michael Morris, Marius Roodt and Gabriel Crouse.

We will be joined by guest writers or columnists such as Andrew Kenny, David Bullard, Rian Malan, Mpiyakhe Dlamini, Martin van Staden, Phumlani Majozi and others. Our guests offer unique insights and sometimes humour. As free thinkers, we can’t always be sure what our guests will say. So  we need to say that their opinions are not necessarily the opinions of the Daily Friend. We may not even like what they say, but they have very right to say it.

Our 'Weekly Podcast' and 'IRR-TV' will feature opinions, interviews andpanel discussions.  

'Jerm' provides a regular artistic take on our socio-political environment. 

'Events' will advertise IRR and other events we think you'll enjoy.

'Big Daddy Liberty' is...well I recommend seeing for yourself. He's pretty indescribable!

And finally 'Comments' and just 3 rules: please don’t be rude - please be relevant - please accept that we have the right to delete a comment if we think it’s unconscionable. The sharp, the witty and the profound will always be welcome!


Sara Gon, your editor


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