EFF gets its teeth into schooling

Staff Writer | Apr 14, 2019
The Economic Freedom Fighters' policy of education has a crooked bite.

“The EFF government will equip every South African school with the following: two grass fields, two pitches, a swimming pool, driving schools, an in-house orthodontist, free tablets for every learner, at least two physical education teachers, free scholar transport for all learners who stay more than 2 kilometres from the school – and more.”

The South African government already spends 15% of its total budget on education.

There are currently around 30,000 schools in South Africa, excluding the new ones that the EFF also intends to build. As of 2017, there were 160 dental specialists practising in the public sector in the entire country, according to Daily Maverick.

Orthodontistry is a highly specialised career - South Africa produces fewer than 20 orthodontists every four years. In total, there are around 6,000 registered dentists – not orthodontists – practising in South Africa.

That’s 24,000 less than are needed to service every South African school.

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