EWC the priority - EFF

Staff Writer | May 22, 2019
Pushing for expropriation without compensation (EWC) tops the list of the Economic Freedom Fighters’ (EFF) ‘tasks in parliament’, the party has said.

EFF National Spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said in a statement that the party’s tasks in the new parliament will be ‘completion of the work that could not be completed by the 5th Democratic Parliament’, starting with EWC. 

Ndlozi listed as four priority tasks amending Section 25 of the Constitution ‘to allow for Expropriation without Compensation’; amending the South African Reserve Bank Act ‘to discontinue private shareholders in the Bank’; amending the Banks Act ‘to allow the existence of State Owned Banks’; and enacting a law ‘that will make it compulsory for all Government departments and entities to insource workers, particularly Security Guards, cleaners and general workers’.

The statement said: ‘Our people shall never be disappointed with the mandate they have given us. We are going into parliament and legislatures with more determination to ensure that all our manifesto commitments are realised.’

Among other objectives, the EFF said it would ‘demand that there should be a three-month period declared and dedicated to cleaning all black townships and informal settlements’ followed by the formulation of a township cleaning strategy that was sustainable.

‘Our people deserve better,’ Ndlozi said. ‘The days of subjecting them to live in close proximity with rubbish must come to an end.’

The EFF also committed itself to ‘zooming into the financial sector to uproot anti-black racism and general marginalisation of black people from investments. We shall fight to the end against all the banks that hate black people, and treat them as high risk, simply because they are black.’

EFF members would prove they were the ‘true soldiers in the war for economic emancipation’.

The IRR has argued that eroding property rights through EWC can only discourage foreign investors and undermine private sector-driven economic growth, and the job creation that goes with it, on which South Africa’s economic recovery now depends. 


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