Indians in the racism firing line

Staff Writer | Jul 20, 2019
Senior ANC leader and Cabinet minister Jackson Mthembu has accused the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) of harbouring racist views towards Indians, according to reports.

Mthembu’s charge follows the EFF’s attacks on minister of minister of public enterprises Pravin Gordhan.

It is unclear what lies behind the attacks on Gordhan, though it appears they are associated with revelations of corruption in the broader state capture saga and power struggles within the ANC itself.

However, within days, new reports emerged that an ANC-run municipality in KwaZulu-Natal had excluded Indian people on the grounds of race from an auction of surplus municipal vehicles. The auction allegations come in the wake of other claims in the past that the ANC discriminates against South Africa’s Indian, as well and white and coloured minorities. There have, for example, been accusations of ANC politicians and government leaders threatening to exclude Indian people from government posts. 

According to the IRR, rather than leading South Africa towards a prosperous and united future after the ruinous apartheid era, the ANC has continued to drive racially discriminatory policies and to resort to base racial nationalist incitement to deflect attention from its policy failures. IRR analysts have said that the ANC tries to play up its non-racial standing but that this is utterly at odds with its stated policies.  

The IRR continues to lobby for policies that use actual established socio-economic disadvantage and not race to drive empowerment efforts, while uniting the majority of moderate black and white South Africans behind those policies.


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