Ingenious ‘swallowing’ loo earns plumber award

Staff Writer | Jul 15, 2019
A twenty-five-year-old plumber from Bakenberg village in Makopane, Limpopo has invented a toilet that uses less than half a litre of water.

Monni Mokoena and colleagues were trying to find a feasible way to create odour-free toilet facilities in an environment where only pit toilets are used.

Mokoena noted that the toilet as we know it was invented in 1576 by John Harrington and hasn’t changed much since then.

She and her colleagues were determined to change that, and ‘brainstormed day and night’ to create a ‘swallowing toilet’ that ‘swallows’ rather than flushes. Her toilet requires 400ml versus the current average of 10 litres for a single flush.

She and her colleagues have won an award from Engen.

Mokoena’s story is the perfect example of the ingenuity South Africa needs. She’s now looking for funding to mass produce the product. She deserves the best of luck.


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