Justice minister declared war on SA farmers

Staff Writer | Jun 02, 2019
Ronald Lamola is a strong advocate for granting the state powers to seize private property without compensation.

South Africa’s new Minister of Justice and Correctional Services said last year he was excited that the African National Congress (ANC) had resolved to start seizing property without compensation and called for ‘legislation as forceful as war’ in order to dispose of the country’s commercial farmers.   

Lamola, who is a former ANC youth league leader, is seen a prominent advocate for expropriation without compensation (EWC) in the ANC and an opponent of reformist voices who have urged caution on property rights. 

Prominent players in agriculture told the Daily Friend that they were very concerned about the role Lamola would play in the new Cabinet and that they regarded his appointment as a betrayal of the government’s assurances that property rights would be respected. 

It is expected that he will be entrusted with steering expropriation policy through Parliament.   

The threat of EWC has done great damage to South Africa’s reputation as an investment destination. This year, the South African economy is expected to grow at just a fraction of the average rate of emerging markets. Many observers had hoped that the election and new Cabinet would see the government adopt liberalising reforms. 

The Institute of Race Relations has previously shown how the threat of expropriation extends to all economic sectors and is not limited only to land. 


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