Magashule implies white South Africans are ‘foreigners’

Staff Writer | Sep 07, 2019
ANC secretary general Ace Magashule made his controversial remarks at a SA Students Congress (Sasco) elections rally at Tshwane University of Technology this week.

The senior ruling party leader told his audience that they were ‘South Africans but remember, you are Africans, living in a continent called Africa. Never despise people who have the same skin colour [as] us’.

According to a report on News24, Magashule questioned why the idea of a ‘foreigner’ never applied to white people.

He was quoted as saying: ‘There are many others with a whitish colour. You don't know them. They are there. You see them all the time but you can't say this one ke le kwerekwere (the derogatory term for African foreign nationals).

‘They have never been attacked because they are also so-called foreigners but because their colour is white.’ It was reported that students applauded this remark.

He claimed that ‘Imperialist forces, racist forces, fascist forces don't want Africa united’.

The IRR pointed out this week that, only days before the xenophobic violence broke out, the government itself released a report on ‘employment equity’ which defined black South Africans as ‘Africans’ and lumped African immigrants together under the category of ‘foreign nationals’.

Foreign nationals from elsewhere on the continent were among those whose shops were targeted by looters in the violent protests in Gauteng.


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