Malema wants you to be the eternal victim

Staff Writer | Apr 01, 2019
A sure way to make a country fail is to encourage the perpetuation of victimhood.

Opportunism and hypocrisy are Julius Malema’s stock in trade. In the last couple of weeks his racial venom has been directed at the Indian community. Racism towards whites is his default setting.

Addressing a crowd in Philippi on the Cape Flats, however, gave Male the opportunity to adjust for circumstances. Malema called on Africans, coloureds and Indians to unite, and on black South Africans to stop xenophobia.

"Comrades, you must go and reclaim the streets of Western Cape, whether you are coloured, whether you are African. All of us we are one thing. We are black. We are the victims of apartheid. We must be united as black people."

He said South Africa will never survive if black people are divided. "The reason why they divide us, the reason why they are threatened by unity of Africans, coloureds and Indians, is because they know when we are united we will not be dominated by white monopoly capital.

Male seems to believe that the only currency blacks have is eternal victimhood. "It is important to unite and see ourselves as victims of apartheid, because whether you are Indian, whether you are coloured and you might think you are closer to whites, whiteness doesn’t like you. It oppressed you before, it will forever oppress you. 

"So we, as victims of apartheid, Indians, coloured and black, we must treat each other as equal."

It's racism when a white leader denies agency to blacks - what is it when it's done by a black leader?



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