Man blames horse for break-in

Staff Writer | Aug 01, 2019
A man has been arrested in Florida in the United States for attempting to break into a house – with some help from a horse.

Homeowner Steve Ferguson was alerted to the attempted break-in when he received an alert on his phone.

When he checked the remote cameras at his home, he saw a man attempting to enter his property.

After calling the police, he rushed home to confront the trespasser. He arrived in time to see the horse bolting – but encountered alleged house-breaker Lonnie Maddox.

When Ferguson asked him what he was doing on the property, Maddox explained that the horse had broken into Ferguson’s house and that he had had to go in and get her. Unconvinced, Ferguson asked how the horse had got through the gate, across the porch and into the house itself.

Footage of the incident showed Maddox walking around the property, with the horse in tow, breaking into the screened-in porch, and then trying to enter the front door, which was locked.

When this failed, he broke a window to try to get into the house.

Maddox told the police that, in an effort to retrieve the horse, he had followed it on to the property through a broken fence.

He also claimed that he was ‘checking out’ the property as he was interested in renting it.

Maddox was charged with burglary; though he took nothing, he was accused of causing damage of $100.

Police said the horse was not Maddox’s, and returned it to its rightful owner. 


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