Motlanthe on risk of election list nominees who don’t ‘inspire confidence’

Staff Writer | Apr 28, 2019
Former president Kgalema Motlanthe has pledged his support for the ANC, but highlighted the risk of nominating election candidates who don’t inspire confidence.

Motlanthe said that “post the elective conference a number of steps had been taken by the ANC that indicate that the party is on the right track”.

But he also said – without mentioning the ANC – that while a party's parliamentary list does not have to live up to the expectations of South Africa's citizens, any party runs a risk if it nominates candidates who don’t “inspire confidence”.

Speaking at the Rand East Show, the former president said: "Our electoral system is a proportional representation at a provincial and national level and the elections are therefore contested by political parties, not individuals. The internal processes of each party in terms of generating and finalising its lists is something that is not necessarily expected to live up to the expectations of the general populace.”

Motlanthe added: "Each party has to therefore ensure that it nominates and puts on its lists people who will inspire confidence. Any party which fails to do that is taking the risk and so that risk falls to the party which does that with its lists."  

This will have no bearing on the current list, which cannot be changed in terms of the Independent Electoral Commission’s rules.


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