Ramaphosa blames whites for slow land reform

Staff Writer | Mar 25, 2019

Ramaphosa’s laying the blame for slow land reform on whites 

President Cyril Ramaphosa says white land owners are no longer in a position to resist government's land reform policies.

Ramaphosa was speaking at a government function to hand over title deeds to the Griqua and Khoi communities of Ebenhaeser on the West Coast.

The president said it was time for white land owners to cooperate with his administration in changing land ownership patterns and to stop frustrating the process.

He said the new administration to assume office after the May 8 election would "pick up the pace of land reform".

"There are those farmers who are agreeing to work with us‚ who are part of this settlement. We call on those other farmers who are still resisting‚ who are still doubtful about the future‚ we want to say to them‚ who are still asking many questions‚ we must say to them: the restitution of land to its rightful owners‚ it's time is now.

"We call on them to come forward so that this matter can be settled‚ the people of this area are hungry for land.

"To those who are still resisting‚ we are saying: please come to your senses. This is a programme  you cannot stop‚ that you cannot resist. Please come work with us. This is land that we must all share.”

The IRR and others have written and spoken at length about the dangers inherent in expropriation without compensation and highlighted that the problems with resolving issues of land reform lie with consecutive ANC governments allocating too small budgets, failing to appoint the required judges to the Land Court, incompetence and corruption.

Come election time it seems that Ramaphosa is taking a leaf out of Julius Malema’s book by blaming whites for its own shortcomings. 

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