Rescued gull spices up Tiggywinkles’ day

Staff Writer | Jul 12, 2019
The Tiggywinkles Animal Hospital in the United Kingdom reported receiving a mysterious, brightly coloured bird which had been rescued from the roadside.

What appeared to be a hitherto unknown species turned out on closer inspection to be a herring gull that had been doused in curry powder or turmeric, and gave off a pungent odour of Chicken vindaloo.

Staff nicknamed the bird ‘Vinny’ after the popular Eastern dish. One twitter wag commented: ‘It’s just a Kormarant.’

An internet search reveals that while gulls were once regarded as a delicacy, they are seldom eaten today. Historical recipes ranged from gulls served with mint to smoked gulls.

Conservationists and animal lovers will be pleased to know that the curried gull was scrubbed clean and is set to make a full recovery. 

The hospital reports that over five million wild animals and birds are injured in Britain annually as a result of interactions with humans – though this week’s spicy gull is one of their stranger cases.


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