SAPS promise new strategy to deal with crime

Staff Writer | Mar 23, 2019

The South African Police Service (SAPS) says it is soon to announce a new strategy to deal with crime and violence in cities. 

 The announcement follows a two-day National Safer City Summit in Pretoria last week.

 According to the police, the summit brought together 150 delegates comprising senior leadership of the South African Police Service and various other regional and local agencies.

 The Commissioner of the SAPS, General Khehla Sithole, said: “This Summit will serve as a building block in bringing us closer to the shared vision of a safer South Africa for all. Going forward, we expect a Summit report in 14 days and in 21 days we expect the first of its kind National Safer City Framework to be in place, detailing key objectives. Integration and collaboration by all stakeholders is key in making this framework a success. This is a concept that is going to revolutionise policing. We will be able to speedily identify root causes of crime and modus operandi and thereafter be able to decisively deal with crime through a multi-disciplinary and collaborative approach with all stakeholders involved.” 

According to research conducted by the IRR, South Africa suffers from extraordinarily high levels of serious and violent crime with a murder rate that is roughly 30 times higher than that of Australia and six times higher than that of the United States of America. 

IRR analysts have also identified a systemic problem of police officers themselves often planning and committing serious and violent crimes. 


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