Tea with Helen promises to inject sanity into debate

Staff Writer | Aug 30, 2019
The launch of the Tea with Helen series on YouTube will do a vast amount to inject sanity into national debates, says the IRR.

The video series, in which Helen Zille invites influential South Africans to debate questions about the way forward for South Africa, is being published on YouTube and elsewhere. 

In August, Helen Zille announced that she was joining the IRR as a Senior Policy Fellow.

IRR CEO Dr Frans Cronje said that ‘when Helen Zille joined the IRR, I was asked what we would do about her tweeting, and I said we would encourage more of it’.  

According to Cronje: ‘Helen has a lot to say that is true, important and brave, and more people need to hear her and engage with her. Twitter is useful but limits the depth of discussion and engagement. Tea with Helen will allow more people to understand what she is saying and why she is saying it, and when that happens I think many sceptics may be won over by her arguments.’

You can follow Tea with Helen here.    


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