Violence rises as SA’s stability declines

Staff Writer | Sep 06, 2019
The murder rate dropped by 54% between 1994/95 and 2012/13, but, along with other violent crime categories, the rate has risen steadily since.

Declining political, economic and social stability has coincided with a rise in violence.

Between 2012/13 and 2017/18, the murder rate rose by 16.0%, and the rate of attempted murder rose by 10.0%. Aggravated robbery also increased. Aggravated robbery is defined as the unlawful and intentional forceful removal and appropriation in aggravating circumstances of movable tangible property belonging to another.  Aggravated robbery is usually accompanied by the use of a firearm or other dangerous weapon. The total aggravated robbery rate is up by 22% since 2011/12.  

On average, 232 women are murdered each month. This is an increase of 7.0% since 2006/07. 

IRR analysts point out that lack of economic opportunity often leads to disorder and lawlessness, and that, without meaningful job creation, crimes of opportunity and other social ills such as alcohol and drug abuse, as well as domestic violence, are likely to increase. Scapegoating foreigners is also more common in countries where millions have little or no means of supporting their families. The IRR has long argued that far-reaching policy reform is needed to lift the economic growth rate, and enable job creation on a scale sufficient to ensure greater socio-economic stability.


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