White woman will vote for the EFF

Staff Writer | Apr 24, 2019
Krugersdorp resident moved to join Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) after party acted on her concerns about a poor neighbouring community.

Bianca-Lee Grossett, 39, who owns a horse-riding school and a smallholding, has described how she became a member of the EFF.

Grossett was persuaded to join the party because of the plight of shack dwellers living near her home. The community of nearly 1 000 people had allegedly been evicted from another township and moved into her farming community in December. 

"They became my friends and my community and actually changed my life. With everything that I have here, my land, my business and my possessions, I'm still powerless to help those people.”

She said she approached other political parties, but nothing was done. “Three days after I walked into the EFF's Randburg offices, the matter was raised in the legislature."

Grossett – who ran unsuccessfully in a by-election for ward councillor last month, being beaten the DA and the Freedom Front Plus – said she would vote for the EFF on 8 May.

She believes she is now an outcast among whites in the area.

"The first time I put a picture of myself on Twitter in my beret it went viral,” she told the Sunday Times. The people who attacked her online were “vile”. “White Afrikaans men laid into me."

"I had never even registered to vote,” she said. “I think it was never necessary for me because there is a privilege, in my past, in my skin colour, and because of that I have never needed to bring about change with a cross on a piece of paper.”

"Equality became a big lesson in this whole thing. The idea I had about equality was completely misplaced and that needs to change if we are going to change SA for the better.”

EFF Gauteng chair Mandisa Mashego said she had recruited Grossett and described her as a "valuable activist".


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IRR polling in February showed the EFF stood at 12.2% nationally, up 1.2 percentage points from December (11%). That is up 5.9 percentage points from the 6.3% it secured in 2014. On a 71% turnout scenario, support for the party decreases to 11%.


The next IRR poll will be published a week before the 8 May election. 



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