In the closing weeks of 2019, South Africa reached Stage 6 load-shedding. This is uncharted territory, so let’s unpack it a little.

Some years ago I wrote about a startling fact that few were interested in at that time. That simple fact was that Eskom, our national energy utility company, was running on standby generators.

Nobody responded, so I shut up and moved on, but I never stopped thinking about this simple startling fact. Why is our national power utility running on standby generators?

The answer is complex, but one element of that answer is diesel fuel. You see, a lucrative contract was given to a politically connected person to supply diesel. That diesel wasn’t the cheapest, because the supplier wasn’t the manufacturer of the diesel, but bought it from a real diesel supplier that wasn’t allowed to enter the game because of the rules of that game.

That game is called Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and it has de-industrialised a country that once produced 40% of all the gold ever mined in all of recorded history, from the Incas to modernity. That country once pioneered the production of oil from coal. That country once pioneered the first human heart transplant and gave us the first base-bleed artillery capable of firing a tactical nuclear weapon. That country pioneered water treatment technologies that recovered safe drinking water from sewage and it produced sophisticated steels used in highly specialised engineering processes. The list goes on, but you get the point.

South Africa used to punch above its weight and was a genuine participant in the global economy. We produced things of value. Sophisticated things. Technologically advanced things.

Then came BEE, and it changed the rules of the game by skewing the playing field in favour of those whose only attribute was that they were politically connected. It actively discriminated against anyone who was creative and nimble in the field of science, engineering and technology.

It incentivised the out-migration of those people merely because the rules of the game deliberately discriminated against excellence, and rewarded those whose sole attribute was their ability to extract money without creating value. This is called rent-seeking behaviour.

The sale of diesel to run the standby generators in the national energy utility enables the extraction of money, but it creates no enduring value, so it is inherently parasitic. It is a textbook example of rent-seeking behaviour.

Any organism infested with parasites slowly succumbs to their voracious presence and eventually that organism becomes so sick that it dies a miserable, lingering death.

The collapse of Eskom is imminent for all the reasons noted above. It is deeply infested with parasites extracting money without creating value. It is unsustainable for the same reasons that SAA has collapsed. It too had the game being played about the supply of fuel at inflated cost. But it also had the other games – supplying toothpicks, serviettes, cookies, butter and buns, all at inflated cost. It too has separated the right of remuneration from the responsibility of productivity.

South Africa no longer produces anything of value to the world. The mining industry has collapsed, leaving a toxic landscape of hazardous waste that will poison society for the next century. Denel, which once played at global level in the field of sophisticated weapons systems, is collapsing after the theft of the intellectual property that used to fuel its engine.

We have become a society that creates, rewards and protects thieves, parasitic, ambitious and greedy thieves with an insatiable lust for money, and an aversion to honest work and creativity.

South Africa is that poor animal infested by parasites which is now emaciated and sick, not yet dead, but feeble and suffering. It will die, for that is inevitable, but, before that, a predictable series of things will happen. Those things are inevitable, logical and therefore predictable.

I have seen them before first-hand when other parasite-infested countries died. I saw it in the Romanian revolution that overthrew the tyranny of Nicolae Ceausescu. I saw it in the Leipzig Option that created rolling mass action to depose Erich Honecker in East Germany. I saw it in the Velvet Revolution of Czechoslovakia. In all of these cases, revolution deposed the parasitic class that had been extracting money, earned by the sweat of the people, without creating value for the nation.

I also saw it in the lingering demise of Robert Mugabe, who destroyed a proud nation because of his ruthless control over the extraction of money without the creation of value.

This is what I believe the inevitable implosion of Eskom, SAA, PRASA and other state-owned enterprises is all about. We are witnessing the death of a destructive system – BEE – that has sucked the life blood from a once vibrant economy, and replaced it with a new breed of oppressor, that preys on the poor and vulnerable in society whom they once claimed to have liberated.

The oppressed has become the oppressor, and technological advancement is no longer possible as we enter the New Sanitation Dark Age, where raw sewage flows freely in many towns and cities of South Africa, and where pumps have ground to a halt because electricity production has been compromised by a class of parasite that is encouraged to supply diesel at inflated value, but is protected because of patronage.

This article was originally published on Dr. Turton’s FaceBook page on 10 December 2019

The views of the writer are not necessarily the views of the IRR.

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  1. Thank you for a superb and sobering read Mr Turton. I wonder when our government is going to realise the damage they have done to this country. Or if they even care.

  2. Blaming everything on BEE, is a wrong mindset which continues to destroy our beautiful country. My 2 cent is that fear and anger continue to destroy this country the whites have fear of losing and the black have anger that we have suffered. Image this, creating trust issue between the black and white meanwhile we expect them to co-exist and build the nation which is know to be for everyone who leave in it either black or white. Both will forever try to protect themselves against themselves, I’m an engineer by Profession and I have seen what fear has done to white senior who will hide information and set-up a black guy for failure and I have seen black people who run the beautiful piece of technology to drain just because of anger.

    On the diesel Issue that should not be the issue of price because fuel is regulated and solid within acceptable prices as the same as manufacturer and Wholesalers. In South Africa we do not have accountability from white or black as our core value rather than the requirement for those occupying high office. BEE is a good initiative as the initiative to empower women because everyone knows about the previous injustice. The issue is with the ones currently in power of information and skills do not want to share and eskom problem is classic example of poor leadership without control and vision.

    • Khomotho, seems to me that the way empowerment has been practiced is the problem, and not the necessity for leveraged equal opportunities.
      I do not have the data to offer an objective answer, but I reckon that bee as practiced has destroyed value for all of us – even the 2% who have grown fat and flabby (all shades, and all sectors).
      South Africa ‘could have and should have’ been better off than it was 30 years ago; it is not, and it will not be in another 30 years if there is not a radical trend change – by all of us.
      It is not a race or colour thing at all – it is like gravity. We can deny it exists, we can tell each other we don’t care for it, we can ignore it – but it will splatter us on the floor of history.
      Unless we (citizens) stand for what is right in each and every matter, from small (not running stops, not littering) to large (respecting each other, not doing or taking bribes, doing our jobs properly, standing up for principles) this RSA project will end in a mess. It is gravity at work – some stuff is immediate, other takes longer.
      Also, accountability is meaningless if there is no consequence; and there isn’t any. It seems that taking responsibility and being accountable, and the consequences of failure are not well-connected.
      Perhaps this is the culture of collectivism – we’re all in it together, so we’re all responsible but nobody is accountable. So, we know what happens if a parent tells their child 101 times ‘don’t do that’ and there is no consequence. We see this all over.
      Our systems are broken. Systems are a function of human construction – they do not come into existence independently of people. Those who seek to extract rents from the system have no desire to fix the broken system as that would deny them their feeding lot.
      I have not yet found the key that will unlock the apparent need for us (races, genders, etc) to exercise an ongoing guerrilla war with each other.
      Unless we start paddling this leaking canoe together we’re heading to the bottom, and it need not be so. As a kick I the pants, we’re bickering amongst each other while other countries wave as they sail past into their sunset.

    • BEE has moved South Africa away from being a merit-driven economy to an outcome-targeted economy.

      As is evident in all of the SOEs that are hopelessly under-performing and bankrupt, the ANC doesn’t care about how well those enterprises are being run because their target of black faces in the higher ranks (and filtering down) is visible.

      Just recently we have seen the state airline run into the ground over a number of years with the full blessings of the then-president. Even a stewardess had more airline experience than the person responsible.

      Countless institutions such as the SABC, Eskom, Transnet, Post Office, Denel, PRASA, Sasol, Sentech, SA Express, and PetroSA have all run into severe problems as a result of black faces being appointed to appease political agendas as opposed to sustaining and taking these organisations forward. Think of the self-esteemed Hlaudi Motsoeneng and Brian Molefe.

      Similarly, state services such as education, sanitation, policing, water treatment, and healthcare have all but collapsed.

      There are several towns that are chronically missing at least one of these services. Towns such as Cradock, Grahamstown (now renamed to “Makhanda”), Middelburg in Mpumalanga, (these are just 3 of several) have such incompetence and corruption in their town councils that they fail to pay utilities bills and the likes of Eskom disconnect those towns. In many cases, drinking water is no longer considered safe let alone the surrounding rivers that undoubtedly would be toxic.

      Not that the government cares. The typical sentiment with regards to building South Africa is reflected in the SoWeTo attitude – where it is the residents, as opposed to the council, who simply do not pay for utiltities. And not because they are unable to.

      This to the extent that the CEO of Eskom, Jabu Mabuza came out on several occasions – last as recently as November – pleading with SoWeTo specifically to pay for their electricity.

      The biggest problem that the ANC has created, is how to change the charity-entitlement mindset to one that has drive to build the state’s institutions back to what they were before the ANC took over.

    • Dear Khomotho

      Sadly your papering over the clear and obvious cracks just shows a level of denialism never seen before. The orgy of information and evidence on hand to debug the myth of the so called benefits of BEEE is overwhelming. Based on our current economic growth potential it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that we can grow at 7 or 10 %. Instead of focusing on economic growth which would have benefited everyone ( which based on the population %’s would have favoured blacks almost 80 % of the time.) Thus based on a 25 year cycle we could have almost removed all forms of poverty. We have now a much bigger economic divide. Beee as a system has failed. It’s a failure of ideology, nothing to do with leadership. The social and moral costs of BEEE is immeasurable and we have a more fractured society than ever before. Young black children more radicalised and polarised than ever before being manipulated by populist regimes like the EFF is a far cry from what was meant. We are a country at war with itself so it baffles the mind as to why anyone can think this failed ideology has any place. It’s a fallacy to assume it works. Simply calling the sky red does not change the facts

    • Simple denial of the obvious doesn’t change the facts. Whites afraid of competing with the people with the low IQ problem? You can’t be serious!

      • I guess, because it is like farting against the WIND from all directions. ( forgive me, but this is not my normal manner of speech, but I cannot think of better words to describe the futility of the circumstances.

      • I guess there is a low IQ problem with whites too, considering your gross generalisation of others IQ. Such posts only aids to support the “all whites are racist” narrative and you truly playing your part. I am ashamed.

    • You claim racism is the problem.

      BEE, a communist government, African on White Racism. White Genocide. That’s the problem.

    • Only petrol is regulated, not diesel.

      No, BEE can and should be blamed, alongside the ANC for the absolute destruction of growth in SA.

      Sad, but true.

  3. Excellent article dr.
    Maybe some further ideas around the topic of BEEE being nothing less than instutionalised -or legal- racism, could be interesting.

  4. Mr (Prof.) Bullard, you toss two rhetorical statements into a south easter…
    The answer is neither – realisation requires an appreciation of what is right, normal and objective; and care implies they have some sense of what they have wrought.
    Greed, patronage, unconsciousness, consumerism, and disrespect for the future, for science and the inevitability of consequence cannot produce anything other than what we bear witness to.
    And, might I add, the private sector has at best been an agnostic bystander, at worst a willing participant.
    Drivers are pretty much the same… greed, etc, and a lack of any backbone, courage and principle.
    Lastly, and of no value to we South Africans, we are not alone. The same sets of people occupy positions of leverage across the globe – from Israel to Lebanon, USA, Brazil, Iraq, India, Pakistan… endless.
    The gorged chickens will continue to cluck their way home in 2020.
    We’ll probably be happy to have 2019 back…

  5. As one who has spent some 52 years in the SA oil industry I can advise you the Eskom diesel price issue is simple. The diesel supplier is one of the main oil companies. They sell the diesel to the middle man at the government regulated price who merely adds a 25% margin without ANY input issues such as storage & handling. The fuel supplied to the standby generators at the junction of the N1 and N7 in Cape Town came directly by underground piping from the Caltex refinery. These standby gen sets are fuel guzzlers of note!! All that was required was for the monthly reading to be taken displayed on the flow meter and for the middle man to send Eskom the invoice and for the parasites to share the spoils which probably continues to this day.

  6. I have heard some time ago that the Eskom budget for diesel for last year was around R500 million. Apparently, by around October last year, they have spent in excess of R10 billion on diesel costs.
    I am no expert, but my understanding is that using diesel is always deemed to be a last resort when it comes to fueling power plants because of the huge expense compared to using coal (which the power stations are designed for).
    If this information is correct it ties in with this article wrt the greed and corruption which is endemic in the system.

  7. Let’s not forget WHY all this diesel is being used. BEE contracts for overpriced coal delivered in trucks destroying our roads is delivering rubbish coal, which breaks the generators in the power stations.

  8. A generator is about 20% efficient at best a well run boiler 85%efficient there is no comparison that’s why engineers built power stations with coal fired boilers
    But then also the well built power stations was run with poor quality coal from Gupta mine and not a grade ” rather sell it to China” diminishing efficiency and causing damages to ball Mills and boiler tubes
    Then the government thought it well to get rid of the 80+engineers in PBMR who originally built eskom and had the blue prints ready for future nuclear pebble bed reactors and it got canned as they had plans for future shady deals with China
    The Eskom demise is a direct product of BEE and the ANC government.

  9. BEE is most certainly the demise of our economic performance over the past 20 years. In many instances BEE has hampered the growth of small and medium-sized companies as the annual turnover target’s set by government to determine a companies BEE status has resulted in many such companies restricting their growth to below such targets so not to be placed into a higher BEE rating that they would have to comply with. In addition small and medium sized companies who do not have BEE status are excluded from doing business with large corporations and government institutions. This is because most small and medium enterprises are excluded from trading with suchlarge corporations. For instance the mining industry is held to ransom by the threat of not getting renewed mining rights if they do not promote and deal exclusively with BEE rated companies. Financial institutions are in a similar situation as are many other large corpirates. And yet just because a small medium company does comply writhe BEE regulations still does not mean that such companies will achieve preferential consideration when it comes to tenders. My view get rid of BEE altogether as it only leeds to dishonesty and bribery.

  10. Guys, BEE & BBBEE are not the only culprits. Add Transformation and then call it by it’s true name namely New Apartheid

  11. A list of parastatals are mentioned in the article, as well as in the commentary . Add to this the tenders and purchases at all levels of government , of which local government is most probably the prize example . It is sickening to see what happens between BBBEE and a bid adjudication committee . If these losses are accumulated ,I am certain one can make out a case of a crime against humanity , because who suffers ?….the most vulnerable of the vulnerable .

  12. Now that we know what is wrong, the question comes to mind : ” What can we do about it ?” Will the Superpowers in London and Washington allow any change or will they hit us again with crippling sanctions until we submit to the same as today ?

  13. Following the many and varied comments,
    I see that there are several objective views in play, along with the expected Subjective views too:

    My take, is that (we all of us),need to focus and consider what, how, if we can individually and collectively ruse to this need challenge? A challenge that is now emerging.

    Most if not all of the productive, qualified and educated intelligensia have long departed – to be replaced, no doubt by a few new-tallents from our enfeebled academia, and mostly by incoming Chinese who are insidiously colonizing Africa.

    How will we react to THAT?

    In any event, what are the OPPORTUNITIES that will arise shortly or in due course. Can we even identify these, enfeebled as we are?

    Lots of challenges. Yes, we can already see these, but what are the opportunities that we can realistically tackle? What of these are do-able, by whom and requiring what expertise, acumen, talent or innate ability?

    Lets try and define answers to those “challenges and opportunities”, since it is no use bellyaching endlessly about what we now all know to be the consequences of our sad political slump and de-industrialisation, led mostly (but not exclusively) by BEE and its fellow rent seeking travellers

  14. 100%
    If they cannot bring value to a customer you have no business , If you cannot bring value to the business you have no business being there .

    A racist policy based on the color of your skin adds no value whatsoever to the economy and chases international investors and entrepreneurs far from the darkest of africa

  15. This article failed to also touch on the affirmative action that was in place pre-1994. The price, exploration, blood and human sacrifices it took to afford the country it’s strength “to punch above its weight”.

    The BEE policy in principle aims to achieve something bigger than the petty pre-1994 affirmative action (that existed for decades). I will be the first to admit, that the BEE implementation has been plagued with corruption. However, if done right it aims to take the country forward and include everyone. There is literally no other way, the injustices of the past have to be addressed. They have placed everyone on an unequal footing.

    Your article appears to make BEE synonymous with corruption and incompetence and that is where you sharply get it wrong. It sounds as if you didn’t read the policy. You wrote from experience and an emotional point of view. I understand that this is your opinion but it does not take away the fact that it is misinformed.

    Prof, competent black professionals are coming up who will be able to move this country forward. There will come a time when you will not be able to use this excuse anymore (you will live to see it). Prof, wake up and smell the coffee, find your place in the new vision, become part of the solution or you will be left behind.

    I’m willing to engage anyone who is cerebral and will not resort to mudslinging.

    • Sunday.
      There is a major flaw within your ideology.

      The world has moved on. It is not 1994 anymore.

      Why must the world do business with you? Because you are competent, skilled and offer a product and service at a price that your competitors do not? Or because you are black and previously disadvantaged?
      There are over 150 countries in the world. Over 9 billion people… All looking to get paid!

      Bring on more BEE, please. Especially given the state of the government schools, because you know for a fact that the political thieves do not send there precious children there, so by all means, more BEE.
      Theft without compensation? Yes please!
      There is nothing more that a multi national corporation wants than high production costs, huge wage bills, impossible labour laws and to have their assets stolen from them.

      Catch a wake up!!! Seriously?

      And when you have finally taken things to far?
      And the people with the real actually power, you know, the guys that ended communism, landed a human being on the moon, defeated Hitler, control the worlds economy and have the biggest and scariest army in the history of human kind, and control enough nuclear weapons to destroy the entire planet multiple times over, you know, the real people with the real power in the world, the grownups, not some little nobody ANC third world tinpot comrade communist wanaby!
      What do you think happens when they have had enough?

      They have already warned you! The downgrades are just the start.
      You think things are bad now? Wait!
      Exclusion, sanctions. Wait!
      Do you really know what that means? I mean seriously know? Seen Zim lately?

      This is not those bad old days and the world has moved on mate. The world has gotten a lot smaller since then.

      You want a decent future for your grandkids?
      Throw off this pathetic failed idiology of national socialism and let the world know that you are seriously open for business….

  16. The interesting thing about BEE is that it requires specification of a person’s race. Yet nowhere is it specified how this is to be done – no ID book, passport, driver’s licence or any other documentation identifies the race of the owner. In fact, according to the census rules, race is ‘self-identifying’, so anyone can label him or herself as black, coloured, white, Asian or also ‘other’. How then is BEE applied? Purely by prejudice, bias and self-interest.


    is worth a read

    If anyone has read the mandates, opinions and comments of the IRR, it is obvious that the Black part of BEE is truly the problem. This B is truly Black in all respects and its leading us all down a long, black tunnel.

    The IRR proposal is EED, roughly, Empower Economically Disadvantaged. That removes favour and classification as any race and sets the pegs level; more importantly it presents the incentive for all willing people to contribute and be recognised, a conerstone of both democracy and capitalism.

    That Black as a part of EE, is starkly racist, just as with BLM; both imply that anyone not black matters less, whether this is a life or economic enterprise. And btw Eckhart, your ID number classifies you by race, as do numerous government documents which ask for the race block to be ticked.

    The IRR have appealed to Saffers to petition to the IMF that if they are approached by the ANC, to take note of the discriminatory policies and collapsed state policies practiced by the ANC, in order to ensure that this ANC does not get loans unless they materially change how things are run and have open books, just as any lender would require in a real world. Whether that becomes a reality remains to be seen; the alternative spectre of the ANC kowtowing to the Chinese Communists is a very real threat. So is it imperialism or communism that is more to be feared by the ANC?
    It would appear that CR is voting for the IMF route. He is savvy enough to know that its better for SA’s future and will force a tidy up, rather than receive funding his crooks can all steal, whilst selling SA’s soul to the red devil.

  18. Sadly we all speak and spoke about the disaster that destroyed our country ie. the coming to power of the anc.
    i’m on in years now, but i predicted this looting of the country in the mid 1980’s. Question is what are we
    to do about it. Clearly talking is a waste of time and our “State president” appears to be held by the short and curly’s by his cabinet, has no real say and is manipulated like modelling clay by them. Theft and corruption happens almost on a daily basis, Further more what are the terms and conditions of all the money that he borrows from the IMF and others? What Dr. Turton say’s has been said countless times by many others and we hear this talk programs on the radio and TV daily.How many books will be written and how many times is there going to be talk shows before we do something or dry up?

    My next prediction? ..Plundering of the private sector’s pension funds. Hope i’m wrong but laws are written by a pen and can be deleted by same.

    • I am also getting on and still puzzling over why legislation has to be passed to protect the large majority, (who control the country and have done so now for more than a quarter of a century), from the small minority.

  19. BEE, EE and suppression of the white male businessman are all signs of a people lacking in confidence in their ability to build a nation. After so many years, and South Africa now being in the hands of the majority, it should be the very majority working to build and lead the country into prosperity. It cannot be done under the ANC as its basic tenant remains a communistic and socialistic foundation. One would think that by now it would be the majority starting businesses and developing the economy and providing international leadership; however, nowhere in Africa have we seen this happen so why do we all think that South Africa is any different under the ANC? They are a destructive force not a constructive movement. It is and always has been a selfish snake and while it has changed many heads now it remains a snake – a selfish snake, a self-absorbent snake, a power hungry snake, a greedy snake, a self-indulgent snake and a snake that is all consuming even to the point of gobbling up the very people they claim to “defend”.

  20. Roy Frampton. If you read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand you will find that what is happening was forecast by the author in the 1930’s..There are 2 types of people in the world….the workers and the plunderers, the workers are passive and the plunderers are aggressive and succeed.
    The book should be made compulsory reading for all at high school.
    The only solution is for the workers to refuse to play ball and withdraw whilst the plunderers call unfair.

  21. “a country that once produced 40% of all the gold ever mined in all of recorded history, from the Incas to modernity. That country once pioneered the production of oil from coal. That country once pioneered the first human heart transplant and gave us the first base-bleed artillery capable of firing a tactical nuclear weapon. That country pioneered water treatment technologies that recovered safe drinking water from sewage and it produced sophisticated steels used in highly specialised engineering processes. The list goes on, but you get the point.”

    It is time to call a spade a spade. The reason why South Africa could do all the things and more mentioned by Dr Turton is because whites governed, people that have a history of building and creating and preserving. And the reason they governed was because of a system that enabled them, being a minority, to do so. That system prevented the rent seeking majority from getting their hands in the cookie jar and ruining the economy of the country. When that system failed the whole edifice of South Africa being a first world country started crumbling.

    Why did that system fail? It was attacked from all sides as being unfair, discriminating, evil, a crime against humanity. Yet it produced peace, prosperity and growth. It was replaced by AA and BBBEE and demographic representivity, which is now decried by the very people that fought so hard for the demise of the system that gave us all the successes and products listed by Dr Turton. Liberalism does not work in a multi- etnic, multi-lingual, multi-cultural, multi-value system society in a single coutry that is centrally governed. Seffricas troubles started when the Union of South Africa came into being in 1910.

  22. Die ANC had 30 jaar tyd gehad om hul immoreel rassistiese plannen uit te voer. Rassisme is immoreel. Onwillig het ons dit toegestaan. Omwillen vrede en gelykheid het ons ons vlag, taal, en instellings, versetgeskiedenis prysgegee vir ‘n gelyke, regverdige samelewing waar ieder staatsburger ongeag sy talent tot sy reg kan kom. Ons lojaliteit en trouheid het die ANC-regime onverdienstelik gratis gekry, waarop samewerking gebasseerd is. Hulle het gehoereer daarmee. Die ANC-regime saai verdeeldheid en haat, die ANC-regime gee geen moer om ons veiligheid, ons taal, of welvaart. Dit moet stop! Ons pak ons vertroue en goedwilligheid terug. Ons laat ons nie meer voorskryf. Ons volk gaan ons eie klein Swazilandje stig. Laat ons ons in vrede gaan. Hensop aan rassiste is geen opsie.
    Rasssime is immoreel, swart rassisme is net so sleg soos wit rassisme. ‘n Mens, of groep op basis van hul velkleur, of taalgroep beoordeel is walglik. Ons Afrikanerlandje wordt ‘n eentalig Afrikaans kleurloos merieteland. Welvarend, ondernemend, wetsgehoorsaam, vredig. As ons nu niks doen is alles oor 30 jaar kapot!

  23. I have been on the losing end of the BBBEE approach – whereby an unqualified person was competing for the same job as I.
    The job advert stated specifically that the applicant should have 8 years of specific technical experience.
    Each applicant had to produce a presentation, on how they would bring about and ensure that the department would be managed according to the corporation’s visions, during their interviews.
    All applicants were encouraged to apply, while the executive’s chosen candidate were told not to apply yet. The advert was closed to further applications
    After all the interviews were done and he had collected everyone’s presentations, he instructed her on what she must put into her interview presentation.
    He then made an announcement that he was still looking for a suitable candidate.
    In collusion with the HR manager, they changed the job description, removing the requirement of 8 years technical experience and re-opened the job for applications for 4 hours.
    She was then instructed to apply and as soon as her application was captured on the system, the job was closed again.
    Then she was invited for the interview with her instructor’s prepared presentation, and that was that.
    This executive called me in to inform me that he had chosen another candidate, not because I’m not qualified, but exactly because I am so extremely well qualified, and he believes that in a supporting role, I would contribute more to the department than if I were in that position, since he sees it as mainly an administrative role and not really technical. This was obviously to appease me and justify his decision to appoint this person whom he knew isn’t technically qualified.
    She got the job, not because she was qualified, but because she is a black woman and I am not black.
    And I have been doing most of her work since, because I now report to her.

  24. Sir
    Thank you very much for this article.

    However the question must be asked and I am still trying to get a answer. These SOE (State Owned Enterprises) have been used for the past 25 years to loot the country and do cader deployment.

    All the organisations that claim to protect against tax abuse. Why have they not constantly been active to take every SOE, that becomes defunct and has to ask for government bailout to business rescue. That way these SOE’s are forced to become either viable well managed companies or are closed down and no longer a parasite on taxpayer funds to support looting by the ruling party.

    Every time a SOE becomes no longer a going concern then one of these organisations take it to business rescue!

  25. Ahh Dr Turton,
    Yes, i agree with a lot of what you say.

    However, it is important to also let the reader know. The Diesel at least can provide power as and when needed and that is a fundamental requirement for the ability for Eskom to be able to provide a constant and stable and reliable electricity on demand [due to certain circumstances]. Even if it’s expensive, BEE connected and with struggle credentials too. At least it can deliver.

    So getting back to BEE and parasites, another issue you need to highlight is that Eskom is being subjected to Government abuse, extortion albeit disguised under the “cloak” legal plunder reinforced by Cadre deployment while simultaneously being subjected to extortion from another rent seeking group called Renewable “green” cough..cough Wind and Solar, with Government assistance “because it complies energy mix” more coughing political policy of the IRP and NDR.

    A very inconvenient and painful truth vehemently denied by the IPP’s and political party supporters of that particular RE technology of course.
    It remains fact that you cannot power a country on intermittent, unreliable, uncontrollable and unguaranteed weather dependent source of power. Some experts say you can…tears flowing.
    Not only is it extraordinarily expensive electricity, causing mayhem in the price of electricity that makes a commodity being produced unaffordable to many even and more than needs to be, while simultaneously destroying industry competitiveness (like mining) and consumers survival (and fuel levies… Diesel… and special taxing to artificially increase the price). It is not only absurd but delusional. Yet it persists. With BEE requirements and struggle credentials too.

    After exposing the delusion to a mutual friend (energy expert) now an ex friend [blocked me on FB] for telling him the truth… tears flowing.

    But thanks for your most interesting article.

  26. A very interesting and thought provoking read, with all the comments included
    We are all happy to identify and dicuss the problems, yet the heart of the matter is to find a solution and how long will we allow this to continue

  27. Dear all,
    The solution is clear: It is written in the Word of God (2Chron 7:14) and applies to South-Africa today: We have to HUMBLE ourselves before the Creator and CONFESS that we went the wrong way. Then God will HEAL our land. Only He can do it. If we marginalize God out of the solution, no solution will come. Man on his own with all his good intentions, cannot heal this land.

  28. Indeed, Dr Turton, you describe the symptoms of the change that swept across South Africa with the demise of separatist and exclusionary policy of the previous apartheid regime.
    Can you confidently write that the black townships, black suburbs, black business and black education enjoyed the same service delivery as the white class of people, during the apartheid regime?
    Were any of the black people allowed to participate in the pioneering that you describe?
    Whilst you describe the demise of the bastions of South Africa, what did the formerly white protected class of people, who previously managed these entities, do in respect of a partnership to share/transfer their skill-sets and expertise to the excluded black class of people? Was their any will amongst the white protected class of people to assist – with the intention to build capacity in the excluded black class of people?
    I would argue that the parasite had infected South Africa since 1948. What would you call a separatist environment, exclusion of people, oppression of people based on colour of their skin?
    A parasite would take advantage of an environment that is not immunised against infection! Were the white protected class of people prepared to partner with the dehumanised black people to share their knowledge and expertise – as a so-called “immuno-response” to continuing the innovation and protecting the bastions of South Africa?
    BEE had to be implemented, due to the already known selfish ideology of the white separatist policy, otherwise the change that democracy sought to entrench in South Africa for all its peoples would have never been realised.
    BEE is the answer to the redress of the economic imbalances in South Africa!
    Sadly, BEE had to walk a lonely road, because, that skills transfer and knowledge that the privileged white class of people enjoyed and possessed, refused to walk alongside in partnership.
    To decry BEE as the pivot to the ills of South Africa, is an indictment on the very people that sought to protect and keep the spoils of South Africa for the advancement and benefit for their own race!

  29. I am glad that Samuel has also aired his vision of BEE and the way that the whites were not prepared to accommodate the blacks during the time of their reach for the sky.
    I accept the fact that he thinks that the blacks were kept back by the whites, because this is the story always being presented by the politicians and by now they regard it as gospel. Actually the story goes way back much further than Samuel’s birth date. I respect the fact that the blacks were created by our Creator, but the difference is that all the races were not necessarily created at the same time and from the same source and locality.
    The European nations, from which the majority of the whites stem, had developed successfully for centuries by the time the whites reached South Africa. The ships in which they came was thanks to the development of the seafaring nations had by that time already circumnavigated the globe.
    People like the seafarer Diaz had already sent expeditions into interior of the Cape coast line in and around eight to ten years before Jan van Riebeeck’s expedition.
    Allow me to raise the question; what was the level of development, compared to the people who came to the Cape by sea, and the blacks living in the upper reaches of the present South Africa. By comparison, they did not know what a wheel was, and what it’s function was. At that stage the wheel had been in use for centuries as it as a means of conveyance, think of troops using it on horse drawn chariots for fast conveyance. It became one of the most utilized concepts in the development of early early European civilizations.
    Presently, like I mentioned, the differences between the blacks and the whites are there to be seen by everyone. Blacks and whites were all born the way they are and won’t change.
    The whites had the privilege of being the offspring of the most developed nations in the world. That is a fact of life that nobody can deny. That is why they have more insight into the workings of the present systems by which most of the developed world is run. The blacks, due to their rate of development, did not experience this from childhood. This too, is a fact of life.
    Now , I am not saying because of that , the blacks are all stupid. No, I know that there are clever blacks as there are clever whites. The problem comes when the cleverness has to be utilized to profit the global system that runs a country.
    The background of the races in South Africa causes them to THINK differently. just like most blacks have problems with mathematics, this again is something that most whites do not have problems with.
    We see at present the way the country is governed. Laws are passed and party politics principles amaze the whites, due to the way that the different thought processes function.
    Africa as a whole is a good example of how the blacks fare when they take over from the Europeans who were responsible for the basic development of many present black countries. The majority of them, just like our own country, have taken a nose dive as far as their economies are concerned.
    At this stage I cannot recommend any remedial action to overcome this problem.


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