Daily Friend Email Advertising

The Daily Friend is South Africa’s fastest-growing, classically liberal news site. Our community of email subscribers is growing fast, with more and more people looking for news, analysis and opinion #InNoUncertainTerms.

Date last updated: 29 September 2020

Daily Friend Website and Mailing List

In 2020 the Daily Friend has had an average readership of 18 870 per week. Since upgrading our site in November last year, we have reached over 641 000 readers. Our mailing list has 120 000 subscribers.

Email Advertising Details and Pricing

We send out six emails every week – one every weekday and on Sundays. We have two available advertising spaces.

Details & Rates
  • Ads must be 570 px x 90 px. Ads must be provided by the advertiser.
  • Pricing is based on a ‘Cost per Impression’ (CPM) rate of R45 per 1000 impressions. An impression is equivalent to an email being opened. At the current CPM, the following rates (including VAT) apply:
Length of campaign (days)1 to 5 Days* *Rate per day1 week (6 Days)2 weeks (12 Days)3 weeks (18 Days)4 weeks (24 Days)
Discount N/A-5%-10%-15%-20%
Price (ZAR)828,135507,058943,7812670,3515900,05

For advertising questions and queries, contact Alex Weiss: alex@irr.org.za