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No moral way to account for BEE’s anti-poor effects


The final committee debate on the Public Procurement Bill (PPB) before it was passed by the National Assembly was exceptionally heated. Minister of Finance Enoch

Scrap BEE in procurement – IRR, Zondo, and now Harvard all agree


The last campaign I ran at the IRR was to scrap BEE at Eskom, particularly in procurement, in order to combat load-shedding. A new working

AGOA, EWC and ‘respecting diverse views’


Last Saturday, I crafted a Press Release, headlined AGOA: why the silence on grave EWC risk?  It began: ‘The AGOA Forum entered its final day

Trevor Manuel vs the Bela Bill


Former Finance Minister Trevor Manuel gave an interview with Clarence Ford on CapeTalk titled, “Our leaders are out of touch with the people”, which made

Delela is X made flesh


When last did you watch a play in a theatre? I think I have only seen one since the plague, so finding myself in Cape

Procurement law sets SA up to fail

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Ultimately, every bid that goes straight for “value-for-money” with no other points is the most transformative way to spend R1 trillion, because it gets the

Race law and SA go together like curry and rice, but what about India?


Mark Shuttleworth might have privately breached the atmosphere with Russian cosmonauts, but India has gone to the moon. The lunar landing is just one more

Ramaphosa Ultimate Zupta “Keeper”


One of the most common phrases in South Africa’s courts is the imperative to “do purposive interpretation” of legal orders. In the case of former

When a white African is called the N-word


Here is a case of bloody, curious entertainment, with a political twist. It’s a long story, so tuck in. It starts last week when South

Disturbing details behind ‘jobs bloodbath’ data


The recent headline – ‘BREAKING NEWS: Jobs bloodbath in the first quarter as formal employment falls’ – was one among several arising from the release