Adam Catzavelos, who was convicted of crimen injuria in December for using the k-word in a 2018 video while on holiday in Greece, has been fined R50 000 or two years’ imprisonment, both suspended for five years.

Action against Catzavelos followed the video’s going viral. The criminal case was brought by the Economic Freedom Fighters.

Catzavelos was also taken to the Equality Court in August last year by the South African Human Rights Commission. The matter was settled by an agreement in terms of which Catzavelos undertook to pay R150 000 over a period of 30 months to the Seth Mazibuko Foundation in Soweto, and to perform community service.

At yesterday’s Randburg Magistrate’s Court hearing at which Catzavelos was given the suspended fine and sentence, Magistrate Hleziphe Nkasibe said: ‘He pleaded guilty and this is a sign of remorse and that is mitigatory.’

Earlier this, Catzavelos testified in mitigation of sentence: ‘I am not making up excuses for what I did. What I did is horrendous and disgusting. My actions surely speak louder that what I did. I was not thinking of a reaction from the video. I am sorry for what I did. I am here to say I am sorry for what I did.’


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