Cyril Ramaphosa believes a Chinese-style lockdown to be both effective and necessary. For all his infatuation with the Chinese surveillance state, however, South Africa does not have the means to duplicate it, nor is it able to copy rich-world alternatives to a lockdown. Is he destroying the economy for nothing?

In his weekly newsletter dated 30 March 2020, Cyril Ramaphosa waxes lyrical about the success of the Chinese response to the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 and the respiratory disease Covid-19 that it causes in some, predominantly sickly or elderly, patients.

‘The experience of the South Africans in Wuhan demonstrates the effectiveness – and the necessity – of a state of lockdown,’ he writes. ‘It is now abundantly clear that the most effective way for a society to contain the spread of the disease is for the population to remain at home and physically isolated from each other for at least several weeks. And it is important that this lockdown and all other emergency measures are both strictly adhered to and consistently enforced.’

Trivial truism

It is a trivial truism that if you take radical measures to lock down a population, confine them to their homes, shut down the economy, and prohibit almost all extramural activity, that viruses will find it more difficult to spread. So sure, it could be effective. In the same way, perhaps, that burning your house down to get rid of ants is effective.

Ramaphosa acknowledges that these restrictions are ‘extremely difficult to endure’. The Wuhan experience does not demonstrate that it is necessary to take such extreme action, however.

He ignores the examples of South Korea, Germany, or, most intriguingly, Sweden, which has not implemented a lockdown, and has made it clear that over-reaction would likely be more harmful than the disease itself.

This would, at first blush, suggest that total lockdown was not Ramaphosa’s only alternative, after all.

it is not clear that South Africa has the institutional capacity and resources to lock the country down effectively

It is arguable that the widespread testing and public-health interventions that were conducted in these countries could not have been done in South Africa with its well-documented lack of institutional capacity and fiscal resources.

However, it is not clear that South Africa has the institutional capacity and resources to lock the country down effectively, either. Sure, it can order businesses to close, and the middle classes will likely remain isolated in their suburban homes, but millions of poor South Africans live in conditions that are simply not amenable to a lockdown.

For people living in crowded townships and shantytowns, being confined inside their homes would be worse than prisons. Many don’t even have access to their own running water or toilets, yet aren’t allowed out on the streets to use communal facilities. Imposing a lockdown in these circumstances is a gilt-edged invitation to starvation, dysentery, cholera and ultimately, riots.

The police and army are incapable of enforcing lockdown regulations in these areas, as Sky News documented in Alexandra township recently.

Abusing powers

South Africa is awash with videos of police officers and army soldiers abusing their powers. A local man near where I live left his home to go buy aspirin for his baby, who was running a fever. He was arrested and never returned home.

Human rights lawyer Richard Spoor reported that a mentally disabled man was severely beaten and arrested while guarding his brother’s motor spares shop. Both the beating and the arrest having been unlawful, he believes Police Minister Bheki Cele ‘should be cited in his personal capacity for unleashing his dogs’.

From ordering people who are legally out in their own yards to go inside and close their doors, to viciously beating citizens, sometimes to death, the new-found powers of the security forces seem to have gone straight to their violent, repressive heads. Shoot first, ask questions later, seems to be the approach.

Those of us old enough to remember how the Apartheid police and soldiers operated will find the new footage circulating on social media eerily familiar.

while South Africa might not have the capacity to respond as South Korea or Sweden did, that it also does not have the capacity to respond as Ramaphosa’s best buds the Chinese did

Meanwhile, the government has temporarily lifted restrictions on public transport, so that 17.8 million old and vulnerable people – fully one third of South Africa’s population – can throng to pay points to collect their social grants. All indications are that social distancing and infection control measures are rarely maintained as they queue up for the only money they or their families will see for a month.

It seems, therefore, that while South Africa might not have the capacity to respond as South Korea or Sweden did, that it also does not have the capacity to respond as Ramaphosa’s best buds the Chinese did.

George Thompson, a YouTuber who left Britain for China to get away from it all and find himself, created a wonderful 10-minute video describing the Chinese response to the coronavirus. He lays bare the extent of the country’s citizen surveillance.

The Chinese government tracks absolutely everything its citizens do, from the facial recognition scanner when you enter or leave your apartment, to your social media posts, your location, and your purchases. All citizens are required to own cellphones, so that the state can track their behaviour and assign them scores, with higher scores earning them greater privileges. (There are no ‘rights’ in China.)

The state enforces strict censorship. The silencing of citizens extended to the doctor who first tried to raise the alarm about the new coronavirus, as the Chinese government desperately tried to keep a lid on the news. Even now, there is considerable doubt about the accuracy of China’s reported infection and mortality numbers.

Brutal and totalitarian

It is this secretive but all-controlling state machinery that was deployed to (allegedly) bring the spread of the virus under control. The response was brutal and totalitarian. It should alarm all freedom-loving people that South Africa’s president seeks inspiration from China’s response to the pandemic.

Thompson passes no judgement on the Chinese surveillance state, except to say that if you want to learn more, you should read George Orwell’s dystopian classic 1984. That really says it all.

Although the South African government has long had similarly Orwellian tendencies, and will be tracking mobile phones in the fight against the pandemic, it cannot hope to match China’s surveillance bureaucracy and police state machinery.

As the virus inevitably tears through the poorest, most vulnerable parts of our society, followed hot on its heels by the batons and guns of bloodthirsty lockdown-enforcement agents, the only consolation we might cling to is the observation that in countries that have done more widespread testing, the mortality rate also seems to be a lot lower than first anticipated.

not only does Ramaphosa’s claim that a lockdown is necessary not withstand scrutiny, but so does his claim that it will be effective

‘If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%,’ wrote Anthony Fauci and his co-authors in the New England Journal of Medicine on 26 March 2020. ‘This suggests that the overall clinical consequences of Covid-19 may ultimately be more akin to those of a severe seasonal influenza (which has a case fatality rate of approximately 0.1%) or a pandemic influenza (similar to those in 1957 and 1968) rather than a disease similar to SARS or MERS, which have had case fatality rates of 9 to 10% and 36%, respectively.’

So not only does Ramaphosa’s claim that a lockdown is necessary not withstand scrutiny, but so does his claim that it will be effective. A lockdown haphazardly implemented by insufficient and ill-disciplined forces will likely not work anywhere except in relatively well-off neighbourhoods. And if it is not effective, it isn’t necessary.

That means the president has gone and blown up what remained of South Africa’s precarious economy for nothing. It is likely that having thrown millions out of work and into dire poverty will ultimately produce a higher death toll than the pandemic would have done.

Research has established that even in wealthy countries, unemployment is associated with a substantially increased risk of death.

India, which has followed a strategy almost identical to that of South Africa, has already said it has no plans to extend the lockdown, as it struggles to keep essential supplies flowing and prevent the unemployed, hungry masses from fleeing the cities for the countryside.

The Atlantic described India’s measures as ‘undoubtedly the world’s harshest lockdown with police brutality, a lack of transparency, and a shortage of compassion’, calling it ‘callous’ and ‘needlessly punishing for the most vulnerable in society’, while ‘[doing] nothing to solve this country’s problems with public health and safety’.

Next pandemic

It is certain that with a weaker economy and lower tax revenue, South Africa will be even less prepared for the next pandemic, when it comes. It will have lower stocks of essential medical supplies and equipment, and a weaker healthcare system. It will have less money to throw at emergency stocks and vaccines, and it will have a poorer, more desperate and angrier population to suppress.

And the next pandemic will come. Given Ramaphosa’s infatuation with China, be ready for recurring and escalating episodes of health-scare totalitarianism, trading away citizens’ essential liberties for a little temporary safety which may not even materialise.

The views of the writer are not necessarily the views of the Daily Friend or the IRR

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  1. I saw an interesting article yesterday explaining why Italy’s death rate is so high. The writer claimed that in Italy the cause of death is put down as coronavirus if the person wast tested positive, even if he was already in the final stages of cancer and did not show symptoms of the virus. This is similar to the case of an old colleague who was suffering from terminal cancer, but when he died the death certificate showed pneumonia as cause of death.

  2. I agree with this entirely. The ANC has depleted the health service by prioritising a failed nurse lead primary health system over a more balanced approach, by using demographics to block training and by promoting cadres and nurses over competence. In terms of security they have supervised the loss of skills and competence on a grand scale. Even the old commando system could have been used here if it had not been destroyed for reasons of political and ideological triumphalism.

  3. The woke brigade love a crisis; global warming, climate change, inequality, food insecurity and now covid 19. These give impetus to their authoritarian, statist wishes.

  4. I agree 100% with this article. This is tyranny and fascism. Is SA dancing to the tune of its Chinese masters?

    • Clearly it is! At last we have a journalist who applies his mind to reality and brings a sensible perspective, which should be common sense for all but it isn’t because everyone has got caught up in the hype and applied the herd mentality. I love the ant 🐜 analogy, that’s exactly what’s happened in SA.
      The lockdown in SA makes no sense. Five people die from a virus so lock away 57 million and pull the plug on the economy!

  5. Quite correct Ivo Vegter,
    This Government is run by a bunch of Goons and Loons.
    There is absolutely no thought made in it’s decisions. It latches on to the hind tit of other countries and it just ignores reality.
    Shutting down the economy based on a consensus view is idiocy, it will cause more harm than the virus will.
    Those who are scared and those who are at risk can isolate and social distance, wear gloves and masks. As a matter of fact, they can go and purchase a full Hazmat suits too if they are so worried, but not at tax-payers expense. As a matter of fact, they need to be allowed to and be protected to self-isolate. It is a choice issue is it not?
    Why is consensus herd mentality group being allowed to take away our civil liberty, condemn everyone else when they have a freedom of choice. What gives them the right to demand our freedoms can be taken away at their whim. We need to be protected too against consensus. Consensus is not a right to take away others freedom.
    Those who choose not to fall for the hype and panic and pandemonium should be allowed to live their lives.

  6. Sure, but you have to have been a very brave politician – some would say suicidal – to propose something different. Even the official liberal opposition is fully behind the “lockdown”. The two most liberal Western democracies are following the same route after initially resisting, although it is not as severe as South Africa, yet many have expressed similiar concerns over civil liberties / economic damage of their “lockdown” policies. Interesting that two of your counter examples are more social democratic countries – Sweden and Germany?

      • Look I am very worried about this as well and happen to hold a very skeptical view myself. However, I don’t really expect politicians to be able to resist what has been happening, especially given the concern about the unique circumstances of our vulnerable people.

        The media and influential people (experts, academics, thought leaders and even pop culture) across the globe have been urging their politicians to act. It is completely rational for politicians to act this way – even if it might turn out to be wrong.

        That aside, I also think the hard reality – difficult for libertarians and market fundamentalist to swallow – is that politics will trump economics every time when it comes to the main concerns of people. There are good psychological, sociological, political science and cognitive / behaviorable explanations for this and many libertarians being mostly informed by economics will continue to be disappointed that most will never think like they do. Mostly because they are “normal” and libertarians are not…

        • That’s my concern, that the popular clamour that politicians save us from this or that calamity, and politicians’ eagerness to oblige, leads us right into totalitarianism.

          • Bravo, Ivo! That is it in a nutshell. The totalitarian mindset knows that the only way to get an entire people to obey them is to scare them to death with a Bogyman — foreigners, the plague, fit the bill perfectly.

          • You have to understand the politicians’ primary driving force in the C19 “pandemic” – it’s not to save the most lives, it’s not to minimise damage to the economy, it’s primarily not to lose face for themselves and their party so as to maximise the chance of re-election. Whatever bad things happen going forward, eg a R500 billion hole in the tax take that will need loans etc, a R900 billion drop in the economy, they can blame it on the C19. Their primary strategy is “plausible deniability”.

        • Its a reasonable expectation to expect a politician to not simply adopt the herd mentality. Government places all sorts of due diligence and fiduciary requirements on individuals in all types of industries with very harsh penalties to the individual if they adopt the very same strategies that government adopts and then immunizes themselves against sanction.
          This is nonsense to the highest degree and it has not even touched on the malignant and evil intentions that members of government are guilty of. We incorrectly assume that government were sincere but wrong.
          No they were not sincere nor were they merely mistaken and guilty of incompetence, they have essentially committed an act of war against the citizens of this country with extreme prejudice, consciously and with full knowledge of what they are doing and should be held accountable to the highest degree in their personal capacities.

    • The official opposition in South Africa is known as the DA= Deception Alliance. They are quite happy to sell their souls to anyone who will contribute to their coffers. They have shown scant regard for the poor when it comes to electricity and in fact are quite willing to follow the ANC – UN-IRENA Mandated Political “Energy mix” policy for useless renewable wind and solar, simply because this industry contributes to all the parties coffers , i.e. DA, EFF, FF+ and the ANC. All that this policy is doing is add to Eskoms demise and massive price increases for Eskom.

  7. It’s all well and good to point fingers and point out flaws. It’s so easy to criticize. You say we can’t do Option A, and we can’t do Option B… So what alternative do you suggest?

    • Protect the vulnerable by putting them in quarantine and let the rest of society go ahead with their daily activities like keeping the economy going. And to take care of the vulnerable with proper protective measures, not flimsy face masks.

      Herd immunity gained through natural means like getting infected works much better, and is much cheaper, than artificial means of producing herd immunity with vaccines.

      And I must say, in the south, like in South Africa, the flue season lies ahead. Maybe the difference in seasons between the northern and southern hemispheres should have been taken into account?

    • … so let me understand you… if a man rushes in to tell a tyrant he can’t whip or angrily flay an exhausted collapsed horse, would you complain, “well give me an alternative!?”

    • Idiots are at their best when they do nothing. Nothing at all is what the alternative should have been. Listen to the actual experts and do nothing.

      Instead they listened to the Bill Gates and WHO both whom have agendas which have nothing to do with health and are peddling Globalist Political Agendas.

      Rather do nothing.

  8. South Africa, India, China, France, Italy, New Zealand, Poland, and the UK have implemented the world’s largest and most restrictive mass quarantines.

    The independent researcher who wrote the article clearer didn’t do his research or is an idiot.

    • And? Where did I say otherwise?

      I actually referenced India, and said that its strategy is almost identical to that of South Africa.

      The other countries you mention are not exactly comparable to South Africa. They don’t have vast informal settlements, for example.

    • Douglas Simoes, Clearly by your response you are of the minset that because so many countries have done this then by default this is the right thing. Then you level the accusation that the author either did no research or is an idiot.

      Well after many many hours of doing actual research I too must be an idiot, because actual reading of what actual experts in the fields of Virology and Immunology such as Professor Knut Wittkowski and many others have said from the start flies in the face of what has been done. Countries Like Sweden, Iceland and S Korea have totally eschewed any lockdown and all the models and dire predictions of the Imperial College and those that would be king (Prof Neil Ferguson) have proved to be wrong.

      Hospitals in the US have stood practically empty and so desperate that they have to be paid to put patients with Pulmonory Edema on pressured respiration so that they die and then record it as a COVID death.

      No maybe it is time to go and stand before the mirror and ask what kind of idiot remains so far behind the curve of knowledge that he still supports the ludicrous idiocy that is the Lockdown. Not to mention the raft of ridiculous laws and rules and social gaslighting that has resulted from all the propaganda.

  9. I am in Germany right now, and while they aren’t mobilizing the police or army to enforce it, there is very much a lockdown going on. I really wish Ivo Vegter would be more thorough in his research.

  10. The lock down decision is madness and it looks very much like a copy and paste from what other governments are doing with a whole lot of nanny state ideology mixed in.

    I think Ramaphosa has surrounded himself with medical advisers on where this pandemic is going to take us and has either ignored or doesn’t have proper economic advisers that can explain the consequences of shutting the whole economy down. It appears that there has not been a real cost benefit analysis done for this decision.

    Lots of government talking heads explaining how the lock down will be controlled but no minister of finance explaining how the economy is going to be managed.

    IMO, the shutdown will be prolonged beyond 16 April to at least the 4th of May. This is mainly because the number of infections would still be increasing exponentially with no signs of leveling out. People and the MSM will be freaking out and it will be impossible for Ramaphosa to open everything up until there is a sign that the number of new cases are reducing. However, not opening up by the 4th of May will result in the complete destruction of the SA economy.

    Most of the people who are not employed by government will be running out of money, probably by the end of this week already. So expect social upheaval and push back against those enforcing the lock down. Looting by those desperate and hungry will become the order of the day. We are a nation that protests every day. Imagine if all those in the townships that are without money and are hungry decide to protest en masse.

    This is not going to end well for all of us.

  11. It a leaders duty to make difficult decisions
    I dont support Ramaphosa or the ANC but his decision wad a brilliant one. Its extremely easy to sit and criticize and this writer would have criticized him no matter what decision he took. He mentions Germany etc have you seem how Germanys figures are increasing? US doesnt have full lockdowns amd see there figures increasing. Yes this lockdown is bad but it might go down as one of the best decisions a.leader has ever made to save his country. This writer is an opportunist amd should never be takem seriously

    • A severely affected business environment can be rebuilt in time, but dead people cannot be resurrected.
      Those who prefer businesses over human lives are easily seen.

      • Poverty claims lives, ironically, through disease. No business = poverty = deaths via disease. So it’s actually lives versus lives.

    • Thomas Strydom my man go & do your research,The name of this ‘game’ is Facts,facts & more facts,,Don’t be arrogant,Reading your comment between the lines, you were either worked up in the heat of the moment to reconsider without taking deep breaths,that explain why you have so many grammar errors,Get your act right man!

  12. It would be useful if you looked at the actual data. The numbers coming out of Europe are that 15% of those being infected need to go to hospital. 5% of these need ventilators. Half of those on the ventilators will die. Of the other 10%, 15% will die so the actual death rate is around 3.5% if all go to hospital. So of our 50 million population 2.5 million would need ventilators – we have 7000 in the country! So most of those would die. Of the other 10% that should go to hospital about half would also die without medical attention (assumed number). This means total deaths would be around 10% – Italy is currently above 11% of confirmed cases! In other words we are looking at 5 million coffins in South Africa! Unrestricted doubling rate is 2 to 3 days – can be seen in many countries. From an initial number of 1000 cases and a doubling rate of 3 days in 45 days everyone would be infected (put it in a spreadsheet to check). See the problem from the data. By acting quickly to lower our doubling rate our President has at least given us a chance to minimise the loss of life and get the other mitigating actions in place. Unlike some other Presidents, he has listened to advice from the experts and in the long run our people will thank him. Hold me to this prophecy.

    • Sobey, as usual you are being led by the nose by media hype and reports. Even 11 000 deaths from flu last didn’t require or elicit this drastic knee jerk response from Government. It was based on a command and demand for compliance from the office (WHO) of the master the UN.

        • Bruce, for an indication of what the total death rate could be without lockdown but with sensible rules for personal protection, look at Sweden. Fatalities up to now (just past peak) are 233 per million of population. Double that to allow for the after-peak deaths (likely to be less with more herd immunity), and you get 466 fatalities per million of population. For SA that would be 27 000 fatalities. My guess is that figure will be massively reduced by our warmer winter than in the North (substantial data available) , and compulsory BCG vax which from available data cuts fatalities by 90%.

    • Bruce Sobey,

      The data you give is patently incorrect. It is now commonly known that ventilating someone with pulmonary edema is a death sentence. Hospital staff are well aware of this yet have being doing it so much so that prior it was acknowledged that anyone “needing a ventilator” would die in hospital. There is a known fraud surrounding this.

      As for your percentages, these are based upon what was tested at the time. However it is now common knowledge that the infection rate is many times higher than the tested amounts and the vast majority are mild to no symptoms. This nullifies the “official” figures put out.

      I would be loath to trust figures or anything from people who place people on ventilators against the well known wisdom that ventilating patients with Pulmonary Edema will kill them.

  13. I think that we have to carefully monitor our curve at the end of the second week of the look out.
    I personal think that the southern hemisphere countries now in fall are weather wise at an advantage
    (look at Australia).Why not loosen the restriction after Easter and start working with mask , when available?
    But the herd instinct of our world leaders will make individual ways a country goes very difficult.
    The world economy is idling and tourism is dead.
    I hope entrepreneurial spirits will be stronger than the bureaucrats .

  14. The queues at ATMs are a real problem.
    Social distancing is not implemented, and some people take 3 – 4 attempts to complete a transaction, extending the time required to remain in the queue, thereby increasing your risk of exposure.

  15. We need to lock down the elderly and sick and the rest of the country carry on as always. We are a bankrupt country and killing businesses makes absolutely no sense. We cannot respond as wealthy nations do as our government will NOT help small businesses so we will be bought us by the 1%

  16. I support the actions Cyril is taking, Why?
    This is a very complex situation. I really have low confidence in anybody’s views on the subject.
    In normal situations I support Ivo’s general views (as I interpret it, Ivo might disagree?) that most of what government do is probably bad, but in this case I think precaution is warrented and it’s better to enforce physical social distancing.
    For now, let’s keep our distance and evaluate as we go along. In this case I would say better safe than sorrow.

  17. Ramaphosa and the ANC needs this Coronavirus lockdown as a scapegoat for the destruction of the economy. It came just at the right time for them!

  18. “Given Ramaphosa’s infatuation with China, be ready for recurring and escalating episodes of health-scare totalitarianism”

    Take a quick look at the website that has been mandated by record-breaking law for all za namespaces to link to.

    All the social links and website metadata link to “NHI” Nationalised Health Insurance which is not legislation yet, but soon the agenda will be pushed on the back of Corona.

    The site was built by “Digital Boutique” a private company owned by a government official “Percy Khoza” who has a number of companies linked to his name involved in Gupta deals.

  19. According to the media the president consulted big business and took the advice of local scientists and in the case of virus control our scientists are tops.

    So what technical insight has Ivo got that enables him to postulate a different approach to those that the president was advised by scientists to undertake and what remedy is he actually postulating?

    • This is a great example of scientism which says that anyone in a white coat has god-like talents and insight, incapable of being wrong because he/she is a scientist.

      Mmmm. Scientists gave us mustard gas during WW1; Auschwitz during WW 2;nerve gas during the iraq war and, the Hydrogen bomb.
      Today they are giving us computer preditions programmed by their infallible selves, and asking us to believe every pretty and scary graph they come up with.

  20. ‘If one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of reported cases, the case fatality rate may be considerably less than 1%,’ wrote Anthony Fauci et al

    Well there is now good evidence that the number of asymptomatic or mild cases is indeed many times as high as the number of reported cases – in fact 50-85 *times* as high – this is a really big deal and needs urgent replication.

    It is obvious that the total number of infections is higher than the positive tests – since testing has only been done on symptomatic patients, and often only seriously ill patients *and* patients with a plausible contact. We just don’t know how much higher. 50x higher is a game changer in terms of policy.

    “These prevalence estimates represent a range between 48,000 and 81,000 people infected in Santa Clara County by early April, 50-85-fold more than the number of confirmed cases. Conclusions The population prevalence of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies in Santa Clara County implies that the infection is much more widespread than indicated by the number of confirmed cases. Population prevalence estimates can now be used to calibrate epidemic and mortality projections.”

    Indeed if these results are accurate (pending peer review and replication) the mortality rate is two orders of magnitude lower than the published values based on positive testing, and 98-99% of infections are asymptomatic or mild enough not to bother with testing.

  21. It’s almost a month later and the low Covid-19 case numbers and empty hospitals still waiting for the patients have proved you right!

    SA has among the lowest Covid case numbers in the world, so no need to shut the country for over a month.

    It was a scaredemic that SA sadly got caught in, it copied other Western countries again and hugely damaged lives and caused massive economic losses, which will be recoverable.

    Lack of sensible judgment by the government has cost millions of losses. So tragic!

    How can such a great country behave so irresponsibly.

  22. The government doesn’t care about kicking the proverbial can down the road. They know they will not be held accountable in the future for our condition and so they play their constituency for fools. Every last person in this country, that panders in any way to this government, including the Covid-19 fear mongerers presuming that it is certain death, are contributing to the downfall of the country.

    Borrowed money is borrowed time, and with now even more money at their corrupt fingertips, the government adds fuel to the fire. They are set on a path of impoverishing future generations at the hands of international loan sharks, who care nothing for the impact on humanity, more than the added power over them that it will ensure.

    The ANC regime have proven themselves entirely inept in every aspect of governance and will only give up once they have mined South Africa of everything of practical value, after which time they will allow their hand picked cronies to grovel through the shattered pieces of South Africa for what little remains. Ironically it is happening in almost every country of the world. Stockholm syndrome is the new real global pandemic. I find it to be totally irrational that people believe that the governments handling of this Covid-19 situation is acceptable. What makes people believe that with a quarter of a century of gross mismanagement, that the government has found some intelligence and are now making good decisions? And now the foolish will applaud its new phasing strategy to the lockdown, and they will all congratulate each other that they contained the virus, if ever such a possibility existed. The ignorance is overwhelming.

  23. There is a thousand-year recipe to control the greater collective in any society or country or even the entire global population. It includes these most basic three fundamentally simple ingredients.
    1. Keep the masses or collective in a state of fear.
    2. Keep them dependent at all cost.
    3. Keep them uneducated.
    The ANC Government has perfected this since 1994. They have promised their bulk, uneducated voters who stood in line every year now with every election for the last 26 years, that the sun doesn’t just shine on TV, but on the other side of the next election. In the interim, they have plundered this country into a desperate state of unimaginable real-time poverty, while a few South Africans keep the country afloat by hard work and determination.

    Add to the ongoing corruption and plunder, and in comes COVID-19 or is it COVID-20 to upset the cart ten-fold. So what does Ramaphosa do? He puts on his smile, with a clear agenda to invite the money machine to help him out. This should happen soon. China have been buying up Africa and South America and other countries piece by piece by lending them vast sums of money they know cannot be paid back. I believe Ramaphosa is under the same delusion as other African leaders that the money the cadres stole from the people can be washed away by a massive loan from the cash-rich Asian giant, thinking our trading reserves will be able to back him to settle our account. This is not possible, simply because our income to debt ratio has long been surpassed favouring the wrong side of the scale.

    COVID came so at the right time for Ramaphosa to appear like a leader. This is a farce. He knows his own pocketbook if all else fails have enough in the kitty to cover an exit strategy, leaving us then with another Zuma to screw things up further. What is most astounding about his intelligence and his obvious ignorance towards the daily magnificent regression of the economy, is the fact that he cannot think further than the excuse of the little new strand of Influenza which requires a vaccine from the six largest money-sucking pharma-giants. In the last two months, approximately 7200 people died in South Africa from the regular every year this time respiratory-related diseases called influenza and pneumonia, both perfectly capable of killing many people with EXACTLY THE SAME symptoms as the new covid add-on, now easier than ever to be used on a death certificate of HIV, TB, and the previously mentioned two illnesses – adding to the total.
    COVID came to Rhamaphosa as a rescue-pill. He praises China’s response to the alleged pandemic, stick to the three crowd-control basics in paragraph one, concentrating on the first two, and throw in enough racial divide by ignoring hungry caucasian South Africans, turn a deaf ear to the loud response of that very minority organising the food-packets for the majority, and repeating the “our people” phrase often when stating “we are all in this together”, as if the minority doesn’t exist.

    It is not sustainable. The five levels he announced to ease into the future lacks detail. As I sit here and write this, I cannot find anywhere in any fake or real plan if I can go run on the beach next week. I can run, but I may not fish on the beach without a subsistence licence. I can run next to the beach, but possibly not on the beach. That is just one example.
    The president and all his planners conveniently forgot about the tourism industry, the one who generates 3% of the national GDP translated into more than R150 Billion. Because the rest of the world stands down regarding travel, we in the tourism sector are all waiting for the magic level 1, and Ramaphosa thinks we can go right back into earning serious moolah as soon as our borders open. In the interim, we are dying a little more daily, while the deadly silence about money to help our staff AND US depends on our BBBEEE status and our audit, and other shit.

    The amount of money being spent to keep less than a hundred people from dying from this flu-pandemic in South Africa will NEVER match the money we lost in the national economy in the first week of lockdown. We will not recover from this. All we are going to do is live and work while our country pays our blood into a debt-load perfectly managed by fear created by CNN and world media, held in high regard by the president while I promise you he shits his pants hoping China will help us rescue SAA, SABC, ESKOM and all parastatals sucked dry by greed and nepotism and non-existent CV’s.

  24. “The Wolf,’ disagrees with President Ramaphosa to ‘release lockdown…’

    By Zahra Lockhart

    (7 May 2020—FF News) The Wolf of Wall Street, Mr. Omar Abdulla

    says that

    the release of the lockdown could have ‘dire consequences,’ for

    South Africa,

    with cases reaching 5000 in the African nation and close to four

    million worldwide.

    “The President is thinking of boosting the economy with his release

    of the lockdown,

    yet this could have a negative effect causing cases in the

    mother nation to rise, and

    the increase of the spread of the virus.’ he looped.

    Meanwhile, across the world, Covid 19 cases are starting

    to roar with the latest

    cases at meat packaging plants, nursing homes,

    grocery stores and pharmacies.

    “President Trump was too slow to close down The United States,

    and President

    Ramaphosa is too quick to open up the country. We could see a

    surge in cases and

    the rand reach R23.’ growled South Africa Today.

    Speaking to Footprints in South Africa, local resident Ms.

    Thando Sithole added that

    there is absolutely ‘no social distancing,’ in the townships of Soweto,

    Secunda, Khayalisha, Laudium, Lenasia,

    and Sebokeng.

    “President Ramaphosa is acting too quickly, and soon we will

    be in a lockdown again.’

    However, Oil prices around the world are still plummeting

    due to a lack of demand and

    the cut in production with Saudi Arabia and Russia.

    “There is simply too much oil in the world, and we are running

    out of storage space.’

    reported The Economic Times.

    Chewing on his pen and waving his hand through his hair,

    The Wolf of Wall Street,

    Mr. Omar Abdulla says that outbreaks in South Africa are pretty low,

    but we could see a spike in new cases in

    Pharmacies, Grocery stores and meat packaging companies.

    “President Ramaphosa is releasing the lockdown too early, and I

    can foresee more cases with

    more outbreaks at these facilities. Our request to the president is

    this is too quick and more

    lives will be lost.’

    The Omar Abdulla Group which owns shares into Bitcoin SA,

    Forex SA, Instagram SA

    And Twitter SA said on their website that they will continue to

    buy small amount of

    shares into SEO companies Eskom, Telkom, South African Airways

    and SABC.

    “After receiving over R500 billion rand in loan packages and treasury

    bond sales, we could

    see an uptick in these shares.’

    In o t h e r news, a UFO that was spotted and released by The

    Pentagon is said to be

    aliens either to cure us from The Corona Virus, and make the

    virus strain even stronger

    in parts of The United States and Europe.

    “The flying sauces that were seen recently could be a sign

    that we are not alone.’

    NASA said on their website.

    The Holy month of Ramadaan has now hit the world, with

    Mr. Omar Abdulla said to meet

    with Islamic leaders including Mufti Menk, Zain Bhika and Maher Zain.

    “We wish all our Muslim leaders a peaceful and joyous Ramadan and Eid.’

    Concluding his remarks to The Sunday Times, Mr. Imraan Desai kissed

    that he agrees

    with The Omar Abdulla Group and once the lockdown has been released,

    within a few weeks, we

    will be in lockdown again.

  25. Captain Covid ‘talks,’ vaccine theories with RoboCop…??

    by Rubina Gafoor

    (20 May 2020) Captain Covid, Mr. Omar Abdulla South Africa’s

    leading Covid

    warrior spoke to fans

    this afternoon outside his Lenasia home, stating that cases in

    South Africa are still

    up, social distancing is not being practised and government is

    losing billions through

    this pandemic.

    “President Ramaphosa has opened the country too quickly

    for business, and we are

    at the peak of this pandemic. More lives will be lost, and I cannot

    save everybody.’

    he was quoted as saying.

    The World’s greatest crime fighter, RoboCop stated that although

    crime was down

    around the world due to many countries still under lockdown,

    crime was high at

    grocery stores and liquor stores.

    “These stores have been burgled and hopefully Captain Covid

    can stop the outbreak

    of the virus at these stores.’

    Meanwhile, Captain Covid and RoboCop, have been having

    long discussions with US

    billionaires, Mr. Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

    “We are working with major pharmaceutical companies in

    developing anti-body tests,

    so that this evil virus can be brought to rest.’

    However, Dr. Anthony Fauci from The White House, who spoke

    to CNN said that

    we may only be in the first wave of this pandemic

    and who knows there may be

    a second curse wave, that may hit us soon.

    “We are happy with the heroic work of Captain Covid and RoboCop

    to fight this disease,

    and we can only pray a vaccine will be found soon.’

    Speaking from her California home, Ms. Kim Kardashian noted

    that she was attracted to

    the ‘handsome ‘n hunky,’ moves of Captain Covid, and it is

    unfortunate that President

    Ramaphosa and President Trump only think about the

    economy than people’s lives.

    “I would consider losing $500 billion dollars over a period of a month in the economy.

    instead of loosing 100 000 more people.’

    The Omar Abdulla Group which owns shares into Bitcoin SA, Forex SA, Instagram SA,

    Twitter SA, Marvel SA and DC SA added that their company was now investing

    Into cartoon and superhero forms of media.

    “Many thousands of dollars have already started pouring in, with the launch of

    Captain Covid.’

    Concluding his remarks to The Laudium Daily, Captain Covid, Mr. Omar Abdulla, ended

    saying that we should

    all wear our masks, wash our hands, and practice social distancing.

    Stay Safe…

  26. Captain Covid ‘calls for,’ flattening the curve, as Covid Cases,

    start to flatten…??

    by Azra Akoob

    (8 August 2020) Captain Covid, Mr. Omar Abdulla South Africa’s leaving

    Covid warrior who

    spoke from his Johannesburg home this afternoon, says that cases in

    South Africa and throughout the world

    are starting to flatten

    as world

    cases top 20 million.

    “Cases are starting to flatten as the world seeks new ways of

    prevention against

    the Corona Virus. This is by far one of the worst pandemics

    of the century, and

    we should all remain confident by end next year, this pandemic will end.’

    he was quoted as saying.

    Speaking to The Durban Times, Ms. Ayesha Moti

    added that she has

    been in quarantine

    for the l a s t six months, she is dying for some fresh air and

    meeting new people.

    “I have been cooked up in my four-bedroom home,

    and all I can

    do is hope and

    pray that this evil Chinese virus is brought to book.’

    However, President of South Africa, Mr. Cyril

    Ramaphosa said

    on his online presentation

    to the SABC that schools will remain closed, cigarettes will

    remain banned and alcohol

    will be banned.

    “We are creating a new history in South Africa, and I

    fear for Gauteng.

    The province

    has remained the epicentre with Western Cape and

    Polokwane not far behind.’

    Abdulla says that the global pandemic has seen the lives

    of close to one million lost,

    and yet people still attend weddings, parties and other

    social gatherings.

    “If we remain “At home; At peace,’ we will see the

    curve start to go down.’

    Meanwhile, President of The United States,

    Mr. Donald Trump has been campaigning

    online and has been losing in polls to Joe Biden.

    “We would off seen much more Covid cases

    if he was president.

    We closed our borders

    early to China, and closed business trade with all countries.’

    Markets around the world have been boosted by

    investments from

    governments in the

    form of social grants and interest rate drops.

    “Trillions of dollars have already been invested into countries

    hardest hit by this

    Pandemic. We hope the curve flattens so that people can get

    back to work and

    more money will flow through the economy.’ spiked, SA

    economist Mr. Isaac


    The Omar Abdulla Group is an investment company

    into Footprints SA,

    Bitcoin SA,

    Forex SA, Instagram SA, Tik Tok SA, Dance SA,

    South African Airways and Pretoria Print.

    “We are confident that this pandemic will come to a closure once

    a vaccine is founded.

    Our ties with Mr. Bill Gates and investments with

    Mr. Warren Buffett will further guide

    our future investments.

    The New York Times reported that President Joe Biden will

    surely win the election in

    November 2020, as cases start to drop and the economy is further


    Concluding his remarks to The Gauteng Times, Mr. Omar Abdulla

    says that many

    thousands of lives have been lost, and intimidates good returns

    from his companies,

    as more companies seek to invest into companies that do well

    with good returns.

  27. “Captain Covid,’ investigates “Sudden death,’ of
    Sushant Singh Rajput…??

    by Fehmeda Thokan

    (13 September 2020) Captain Covid, Mr. Omar Abdulla
    South Africa’s leading Covid warrior
    arrived in Mumbai last week on investigations of the
    ‘sudden death,’ of
    Bollywood Superstar, Sushant Singh Rajput.

    Rajput who was found ‘hanged to the ceiling fan,’ of his Bollywood
    Is said to have been murdered by his girlfriend
    Rhea Chakraborty.

    Chakraborty who spoke to Footprints in Mumbai, says that she loved
    Sushant and
    never meant to harm him by feeding him drugs that could
    lead to his death.

    “It was suicide, he could not take the pressure, he was heart-broken,
    and he was
    not making money in Bollywood. He was planning a career
    in farming.’

    Abdulla who met with Sushant earlier in 2016, says that Sushant
    was becoming
    The King of Bollywood after previous hero’s Shar Rukh Khan,
    Salman Khan, Aamir
    Khan and Saif Ali Khan was falling.

    “Perhaps it was the Bollywood Mafia who killed Sushant or his
    devious fiancé,

    Speaking to The Bollywood Times, local businessman Mr. Iqbal Sookal, noted that
    It’s been f o u r months of investigations by The Mumbai Police and CBI,
    and yet India
    cannot ‘come to terms,’ with the death of Sushant Singh Rajput.

    “Everyday I shed a tear because of the murder that took place.
    We pray for justice for Sushant and bring their murderer killers to justice.’

    The Omar Abdulla Group which owns shares into Bitcoin SA, Forex SA,
    Instagram SA, TikTok SA, Jobs SA, Footprints SA and other shareholding is
    said to be one of South Africa’s leading and fastest growing companies.

    “With Covid cases throughout the world coming down,
    markets are starting to boom, and we could see an even bigger
    jump in growth December 2020.’ the company read on
    their website.

    Another resident Ms. Farah Ramlall who spoke to India Today leaped that
    the death of Sushant will be mourned by millions
    of his fans throughout the world.

    “India has lost an iconic hero during these tough
    Covid Times.’

    Whilst markets start to open up and boom, The Omar Abdulla Group continues
    to bring future news and investments today, with ongoing
    interest into the Asian and European markets.

    “One has to learn from the story of Sushant that one day one can have
    everything and the next nothing. Lets invest wisely into our futures,
    so that we protect the ones we love.’ Poked The Saturday Star.

    Captain Covid, Mr. Omar Abdulla ended by saying that he was ‘happy,’
    that world cases were coming down, amid a vaccine being found soon.
    “Whilst thousands have died from Covid, we should remember the story
    of Sushant Singh Rajput to honour our heroes during
    these tough times…’

  28. Public
    Omar Abdulla signs ‘new vaccine,’ development deal with Dr. Mkhize as
    “new variant,’ of Virus looms…??
    by Amina Kalla
    (December 2020—NBC News) A new constraint of the Corona Virus has mutated,
    with some experts saying the origin of this new variant from South Africa.
    “We have significant evidence that the new virus has come from South Africa,
    with The United Kingdom said to be the latest country to ban, SA.’ Says
    local Lenasia Doctor, Mr. Rehaan Kolia.
    Kolia says that the much-anticipated meeting between Dr. Zweli Mkhize and
    Mr. Omar Abdulla was the negotiations of a vaccine from The United States,
    and further development of the Covid 19, vaccine.
    “The new strain of virus has hit South Africa hard, with excelled cases in Gauteng,
    Western Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal, as cases within the nation reach one million
    cases.’ Abdulla told, SA Times.
    Speaking to Footprints in Johannesburg, Dr. Mkize says that when he travels to
    the local malls and restaurants, he does not observe social distancing, people are
    still not wearing masks, as the second wave develops, much faster than the
    first wave.
    “My meetings with Abdulla is to ensure that President elect Joe Biden keeps to his
    promises of rolling out a vaccine in South Africa, and ensure that we have essential
    imported material for our hospitals and clinics.’
    The Saturday Star, reported that the roll-out of the vaccine
    could be as early as February,
    with health care workers and the elderly to receive the vaccine,
    The Omar Abdulla Group is an investment company into Footprints Filmworks,
    SA, Tik Tok SA, Vaccines SA and Forex SA, with cumulative investments
    into property.
    “We see the investment into the distribution of the vaccine a viable option,
    as more residents, choose to vaccinate this evil new variant of the virus.’
    President of South Africa, Mr. Cyril Ramaphosa growled that ‘there will be
    No festive season in South Africa, and we should keep our celebrations to a
    “Beaches are closed, alcohol is prohibited at certain times, we have a new strain,
    In our country, and we ask, the World Health Organization, when will a vaccine
    be distributed in
    South Africa. Perhaps the time has come, to lock-down a country
    as in March 2020,
    to drop the close to one million cases’ he said.
    Concluding his remarks to The Washington Post, President elect, Joe Biden
    added that he was working with Mr. Abdulla to roll out the vaccine
    in South Africa, and the supply
    of the vaccine in Africa. “We will not neglect South Africa in this
    evil pandemic,
    and with the
    new strain of the virus, more people are scared.’


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