Latest presidential election polls from the United States (US) show that the incumbent, Donald Trump, is falling behind his rival, Joe Biden.

A recent poll from Reuters showed that Biden, the candidate for the Democratic Party (and former vice-president under Barack Obama) had the support of 45% of the respondents. Conversely, Trump was at 39%, with undecided people at seven percent.

Most polls in recent weeks have given Biden an advantage over Trump. An aggregate ‘poll-of-polls’, released this week by the US political analysis website, 270 To Win, also gave Biden a six-point lead over his rival, with 46% against 40%.

What will also be a concern for Trump is that his support among those aged 65 and older is crashing. In February he enjoyed a large lead over Biden, but recent polls show that they have now swapped places, with Biden having a ten-point advantage over the sitting President among that older demographic.

Biden also has the lead in polls in important states. He is ahead in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, states which voted for Trump in 2016 and were instrumental in his victory over Hillary Clinton in the race to the White House.

In addition, the US economy has been dealt an enormous blow during the Covid-19 pandemic, and American history has shown that when the economy is doing poorly in an election year, the incumbent will normally do poorly.

Nevertheless, there is still nearly half a year before the election in November and much can still change for both Biden and Trump.


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